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Bachelor Of Computer Application (BCA) - ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE

Program details

The UPES School of Computer Science offers a groundbreaking Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) program with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence (AI). This program stands as a pioneering endeavor in India, meticulously curated by renowned academicians and industry experts. Right from the program's inception, students are exposed to real-world AI applications, fostering a practical comprehension of the subject matter. A distinctive feature of the curriculum is its emphasis on establishing a robust foundation in probability and applied statistics. This facet empowers students to not only grasp AI concepts through their practical implementations but also delve into theoretical underpinnings and model optimization methodologies. The program structure encompasses four projects, comprising both minor and major projects. During the major project phases, students actively engage with authentic industry problems, guided by seasoned mentors to formulate and implement optimized solutions.

A pivotal aspect of the program is the mandatory three-month industry internship. This experiential opportunity offers students invaluable firsthand experience in addressing authentic challenges, frequently culminating in pre-placement offers. Additionally, the program orchestrates active participation in impactful research endeavors of national and international significance, providing students avenues to contribute meaningfully to the field.

The Bachelor's degree program in Computer Application specialized in AI at UPES is distinguished for its all-encompassing and immersive educational journey. Through the fusion of theoretical foundations, hands-on applications, industrial internships, and research prospects, the program furnishes students with the essential proficiencies to excel within the realm of AI. By instilling practical skills, theoretical insights, and an exposure to industry dynamics, this program empowers students to thrive as adept AI professionals.

Program Highlights

  • Developed in collaboration with industry leaders, the program emphasizes practical AI applications, ensuring graduates are equipped with industry-relevant skills.
  • Students establish a robust groundwork in statistics, discrete mathematics, and probability, essential for understanding advanced AI concepts.
  • Through real-world projects and research involvement, students gain practical experience, fostering a comprehensive understanding of AI principles.
  • Specialized subjects like Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing provide in-depth knowledge, allowing students to explore advanced AI techniques.
  • The Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) in Artificial Intelligence program highlights the application of AI across industries, preparing graduates to address real-world challenges using AI solutions.
  • Equipped with practical skills and in-depth knowledge, graduates are well-prepared to excel in the ever-evolving field of Artificial Intelligence.

The UPES School of Computer Science's Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) program specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers students a strong foundation in a field with vast potential. As AI continues to revolutionize industries like healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and more, graduates are poised for success. The program equips students to become AI engineers, data scientists, machine learning specialists, consultants, researchers, and project managers, meeting the high demand for skilled AI professionals. The ever-evolving nature of AI, including trends like ethical AI and natural language processing, highlights the need for ongoing learning. Overall, this BCA program primes graduates for promising careers in the rapidly expanding AI landscape, ensuring a rewarding and progressive journey in this dynamic field.

Career Opportunities

Upon completing the Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) program with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence from UPES School of Computer Science, graduates are poised for an array of compelling career prospects spanning diverse sectors. The program equips them for roles such as AI Engineers, who develop cutting-edge solutions; Data Scientists, unraveling insights from vast datasets; and Machine Learning Specialists, creating advanced algorithms. Graduates can also venture into AI Consulting, guiding businesses on technology integration; assume positions as Research Scientists, contributing to innovation; or become AI Project Managers, overseeing implementation. Furthermore, the program instills a critical understanding of AI ethics, paving the way for AI Ethics Specialists who navigate complex ethical considerations. Moreover, emerging fields like Robotics Engineering and Data Analysis offer additional avenues for specialization, rounding off a comprehensive spectrum of opportunities for BCA graduates.


The UPES School of Computer Science's Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) program with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence stands out for its commendable placements. The program boasts an impressive average salary of 4.35 LPA, with the highest salary reaching 7.5 LPA, reflecting the quality of education and training imparted. The roster of companies that participate in the placement drive is diverse and prestigious, including names like Advanced Network Management, Expand my Business, Hike education, Instant Procurement Services Private Limited (ProcMart), LTIMindtree, Posist Technologies, Academor, Leadsquared, and LEARNING ROUTES PVT LTD. This comprehensive list underscores the program's ability to foster partnerships with industry leaders, resulting in excellent opportunities for students to launch their careers with confidence in the dynamic field of Artificial Intelligence.

Fee Structure

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Semester 1

Linux Lab0042
Programming in C3003
Programming in C Lab0042
Web Technologies 3003
Web Technologies Lab0021
Problem Solving2002
Living Conversation2002
Basic Mathematics I4104
Environmental Sustainability 
and Climate Change - I
TOTAL   21

Semester 2

Data Structures and algorithms4004
Data Structures and algorithms Lab0021
Databases Lab0021
Python programming2002
Python programming Lab0042
Critical Thinking and Writing2002
Basic Mathematics II4004
Environmental Sustainability and 
Climate Change - II
TOTAL   21

Semester 3

Advanced Databases3003
Advanced Databases Lab0021
Advanced Web Technologies 3003
Advanced Web Technologies Lab0021
Elements of AIML2002
Elements of AIML Lab0021
Design Thinking1102
Applied Statistics and Probability3003
TOTAL   20

Semester 4

Data communication and Networks3003
Object Oriented Programming3003
Object Oriented Programming Lab  21
Operating Systems3003
Software Engineering3003
PE-1 Lab 0021
TOTAL   20

Semester 5

Mobile Application Development3003
Mobile Application Development Lab0021
Start your startup2002
PE-2 Lab 0021
Summer Internship0001
TOTAL   20

Semester 6

Cyber Security3003
Leadership and Teamwork2002
PE-3 Lab0021
TOTAL   21

Semester 7

PE-4 4004
PE-4 Lab0021
PE-5 3003
PE-5 Lab0021
TOTAL   23

Semester 8

Industry 4.04004
TOTAL   16

Program Elective 24 Credits

Applied Machine Learning4004
Applied Machine Learning Lab0021
Deep Learning4004
Deep Learning Lab0021
Pattern and Visual Recognition4004
Pattern and Visual Recognition 
Computational Linguistics and 
Natural Language Processing
Computational Linguistics and 
Natural Language Processing Lab
Algorithm for Intelligent Systems 
and Robotics
Algorithm for Intelligent Systems 
and Robotics Lab
TOTAL   24


Interested students must meet the following minimum eligibility criteria in order to apply for the Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) program in Artificial Intelligence: 50% marks in class X and XII with Mathematics / Computer Science / Information Technology as one of the major Subject in Class XII.

Selection Criteria

Selection for students who are interested in enrolling in the Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) program with a focus on Artificial Intelligence, provided by UPES School of Computer Science, relies on the individual's performance in Personal Interview.

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