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Bachelor Of Computer Application (BCA) - INTERNET OF THINGS

Program details

The Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) program in Internet of Things (IoT) offered by UPES School of Computer Science is a pioneering course that was initiated at UPES. The curriculum of this program has been meticulously designed by a collaboration of industry experts and renowned academics. Each semester of the program is structured to ensure that students grasp both the foundational concepts and real-world challenges through immersive case studies. Starting with an exploration of physics, electronics, and networking principles, students gradually delve into the intricacies of these fields, equipping them to tackle intricate technical aspects and formulate practical solutions using prototype development.

An integral part of the curriculum comprises a range of industry-focused projects, encompassing both minor and major undertakings. These projects are accompanied by mentorship from seasoned professionals who guide students in approaching real-world problem statements and devising innovative solutions. The program also introduces an exclusive component known as "Industry Connect," facilitating interactions between students and industry experts. This initiative offers valuable insights into emerging technologies and the dynamics of the industry, thereby preparing students to align their skill sets with industry demands.

Distinguishing itself further, the program emphasizes research involvement through a "Research Intern" feature. Faculty members actively engage undergraduate students in their ongoing research endeavors. This not only encourages students to contribute to cutting-edge research but also provides a platform for potential patent submissions, whether faculty-supported or student-initiated. Moreover, the institution extends comprehensive support to aspiring student entrepreneurs. This support ranges from mentorship to advice, nurturing a culture of innovation and resulting in the emergence of several successful entrepreneurs with noteworthy ventures. In conclusion, UPES School of Computer Science's Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) program in Internet of Things (IoT) stands out as an exceptional course that blends theoretical knowledge with practical application. Through a thoughtfully crafted curriculum, emphasis on industry relevance, research engagement, and entrepreneurial support, the program ensures that graduates are well-prepared to thrive in the dynamic landscape of IoT and related domains.

Program Highlights

  • Developed in collaboration with industry experts, the program's curriculum is meticulously designed to meet the demands of the evolving IoT landscape. It ensures students gain a solid foundation in IoT technologies and applications.
  • Right from the start, students delve into IoT applications, with a strong emphasis on understanding the underlying concepts of physics, electronics, and networking. This foundational knowledge forms the basis for advanced IoT studies.
  • Instead of just theoretical knowledge, the program centers on practical integration. Students actively engage in hardware integration, working with sensors like Arduino and Raspberry Pi. This hands-on approach fosters a deep understanding of both hardware and software aspects.
  • The Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) in Internet of Things program offers specialized subjects that cover essential IoT aspects. Topics include Introduction to IoT, sensor programming, protocol comprehension, wireless sensor networking, and IoT security. These subjects provide students with a holistic understanding of IoT technologies.
  • By blending theoretical concepts and practical skills, the program equips students with a well-rounded skill set required to excel in the dynamic IoT field. Graduates are prepared to contribute effectively to the design, development, and implementation of IoT solutions.
  • With a focus on real-world applications and hands-on experience, the program ensures that students are well-prepared for the challenges of the IoT industry. Graduates are poised to tackle IoT-related roles and innovations with confidence and competence.

The UPES School of Computer Science offers a Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) in Internet of Things program that taps into the boundless potential of IoT across various industries. This program delves into the transformative impact of IoT, driven by AI and ML technologies. It emphasizes automation, where smart systems and devices are harnessed to enhance productivity and efficiency. Examples like self-driving cars and predictive maintenance highlight the program's innovation focus. The integration of AI and ML with IoT is also reshaping healthcare, revolutionizing diagnostics and treatment planning through AI-driven analysis of vast patient data. The IoT field, with its synergy with AI and ML, is driving real-time decision-making and productivity across smart homes, cities, and industries. The program emphasizes the crucial ethical dimension of IoT advancement, addressing privacy and transparency concerns. In summary, UPES's BCA in IoT program equips students to thrive in this dynamic landscape, leveraging the power of IoT, AI, and ML for holistic technological transformation while fostering responsible and ethical development.

Career Opportunities

Upon completing the Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) in Internet of Things from UPES School of Computer Science, graduates are presented with a plethora of captivating and rewarding career opportunities in the realm of IoT. As the technology continues to advance and revolutionize various sectors, the demand for skilled IoT experts is burgeoning. With their expertise in statistics, programming, and machine learning techniques, IoT engineers find promising prospects across diverse industries. They harness their skills to analyze extensive data, formulate predictive models, and design algorithms to tackle complex challenges in fields spanning healthcare, finance, fleet management, inventory control, smart cities, and intelligent power grids. In essence, the vast array of IoT job roles empowers individuals to contribute to cutting-edge electronic innovations and make substantial contributions across multiple sectors. Those equipped with the requisite knowledge and proficiencies stand to thrive in this dynamic landscape, given the escalating requirement for competence in smart devices.


The Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) program in Internet of Things (IoT) at UPES School of Computer Science boasts impressive placement results. With an average annual salary of 4.36 Lakhs Per Annum (LPA), graduates of this program have secured a promising start to their careers. The highest offered package of 7.5 LPA showcases the program's potential to attract lucrative opportunities. Diverse companies spanning various sectors have participated in the recruitment process, such as Advanced Network Management, Expand my Business, Hike education, Instant Procurement Services Private Limited (ProcMart), LTIMindtree, Posist Technologies, Academor, Leadsquared, LEARNING ROUTES PVT LTD, Lifeworks, Phronesis Partners, and Sunfox Technologies. This range of placements signifies the program's effectiveness in preparing students for roles across industries and establishing a strong foundation for their professional journey.

Fee Structure

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Interested students must meet the following minimum eligibility criteria to pursue a Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) in Internet of Things: 50% marks in class X and XII with Mathematics / Computer Science / Information Technology as one of the major Subject in Class XII.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for individuals who wish to enroll in the Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) program with a specialization in Internet of Things at UPES is determined by their performance in Personal Interview.

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