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B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering- Graphics and Gaming

Program details

The B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering (Graphics & Gaming) program offered by UPES School of Computer Science stands as a pioneering and distinctive initiative, introduced in partnership with IBM in 2015. This innovative program is tailored to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge required to thrive in the ever-evolving gaming industry. By encompassing the entire spectrum of graphics and gaming development processes, it empowers students to comprehend these domains comprehensively, rendering them exceptionally appealing to potential employers.

This curriculum provides a holistic understanding of the graphics and gaming landscape, enabling students to delve into every facet of technology involved. What sets this program apart is its holistic approach, enabling students to grasp the entire graphics and gaming development pipeline. By fostering a creative environment, students are not only guided but also motivated to conceive and actualize their own gaming applications. Furthermore, the program nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit within students, urging them to publish their creations on diverse platforms, thereby amplifying their exposure and experience.

In collaboration with IBM, this program is a significant milestone in preparing students for the dynamic gaming market. The symbiotic blend of academic instruction and practical application encourages innovation and equips students to become trailblazers in the graphics and gaming industry. UPES School of Computer Science's B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering (Graphics & Gaming) stands as a testament to fostering a new generation of professionals who possess a comprehensive understanding of technology from a multitude of perspectives, carving a niche for themselves in this exhilarating and ever-expanding field.

Program Highlights

  • Students of the B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering (Graphics & Gaming) program gain expertise in graphics development using OpenGL, Unity/Unreal for game creation, and AR/VR development using Unity, equipped with the latest hardware and devices.
  • Hands-on experience in UI/UX design with Figma, 3D modeling using Blender/Maya, and browser-based graphics development through WebGL/HTML5 and Three.JS.
  • Access cutting-edge resources in our Immersive Technologies Center of Excellence, fostering creativity and providing high-end machines, AR/VR devices, and dedicated space for innovation.
  • Transform your ideas into reality – from tinkering to startup – with the support of our dedicated space and resources, encouraging entrepreneurial pursuits.
  • Learn from a curriculum designed to match industry demands, ensuring you graduate with skills directly applicable in the graphics and gaming sector.
  • Cover a wide spectrum of topics including graphics, game development, AR/VR, UI/UX, and 3D modeling, preparing you for diverse roles in the technology and entertainment sectors.

The B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering (Graphics & Gaming) program by UPES School of Computer Science offers a promising future. With the global video gaming market set to increase from $159.3 billion in 2020 to over $295.6 billion by 2026, and the Indian gaming market predicted to reach $3.75 billion by 2024, the program taps into a thriving industry. The dominance of mobile gaming users in India suggests substantial potential for development in this sector. Furthermore, the anticipated rapid growth of the AR market to $140 billion by 2025 and the VR market to $62.1 billion by 2027 opens doors for graduates to explore innovative opportunities in augmented and virtual reality. The program aligns well with these trends, making it an exciting pathway for students aiming to excel in the dynamic and expanding field of gaming, graphics, and emerging technologies.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering (Graphics & Gaming) program from UPES School of Computer Science are presented with a diverse array of enticing career prospects. Armed with a specialized skill set, they can seamlessly venture into various dynamic industries. The realm of game development beckons, where their adeptness in graphics and gaming can contribute to the creation of immersive and captivating gaming experiences. Additionally, opportunities in the realm of augmented and virtual reality development emerge, enabling them to craft innovative and interactive digital realities. Their proficiency in 3D modeling and animation equips them for roles where they can breathe life into virtual worlds. Furthermore, avenues in UI/UX design open up, allowing them to shape user-friendly interfaces and seamless interactions. This program primes graduates for a spectrum of exciting pathways, underscoring the program's relevance in the contemporary technological landscape.


The B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering (Graphics & Gaming) program offered by UPES School of Computer Science boasts commendable placement statistics. With an average CTC of 8.24 LPA and the highest CTC reaching an impressive 13.32 LPA, the program has consistently delivered lucrative career opportunities for its graduates. The placements are a testament to the program's quality education and industry-relevant curriculum. Renowned companies such as AB InBev GCC India, Barclays, Careers 360, CGI, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Ediiie, Go Digit, and Intellect Design Arena have actively recruited from this program, further validating its excellence. These placements reflect the program's success in preparing students for the dynamic fields of graphics and gaming, positioning them for thriving careers in some of the most sought-after industries.

Fee Structure

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Semester 1

Linux Lab0042
Programming in C0033
Programming in C Lab0042
Problem Solving2002
Living Conversation2002
Advanced Engineering 
Mathematics – I
Environmental Sustainability and 
Climate Change - I
Physics for Computer Engineers4004
Physics for Computer Engineers 
TOTAL   22

Semester 2

Computer organization and Architecture3003
Data Structures and algorithms4004
Data Structures and algorithms Lab0021
Python programming2002
Python programming Lab0042
Digital Electronics3003
Critical Thinking and Writing2002
Advanced Engineering Mathematics – II3104
Environmental Sustainability and 
Climate Change - II
TOTAL   23

Semester 3

Database Management Systems3003
Database Management Systems Lab0042
Discrete Mathematical Structures3003
Object Oriented Programming3003
Object Oriented Programming Lab0021
Operating Systems3003
Software Engineering3003
Design Thinking0002
TOTAL   23

Semester 4

Artificial Intelligence and Machine 
Artificial Intelligence and Machine 
Learning Lab
Data communication and Networks3003
Data communication and Networks Lab0021
Design and Analysis of Algorithms3003
Design and Analysis of Algorithms Lab0021
Linear Algebra 3003
PE-1 Lab0021
TOTAL   22

Semester 5

Cryptography and Network 
Formal Languages and 
Automata Theory
Object Oriented Analysis and Design3003
Start your Startup2002
Research Methodology in CS 3003
Probability, Entropy, and 
MC Simulation
PE-2 Lab0021
TOTAL   25

Semester 6

Leadership and Teamwork2002
Compiler Design 3003
Statistics and Data 
PE-3 Lab0021
Minor Project0055
TOTAL   21

Semester 7

PE-4 Lab0021
PE-5 Lab0021
Capstone Project - Phase-10055
Summer Internship0001
TOTAL   18

Semester 8

IT Ethical Practices 3003
Capstone Project - Phase-20055

Program Elective 24 Credits

Introduction to Graphics and 
Game Programming4004
Computer Graphics4004
Augmented and Virtual 
Reality Development
Web Programming for Interactive 
3D Graphics
Introduction to Interactive 
Design and 3D Animation Lab
Game Programming Lab0021
Computer Graphics Lab0021
Augmented and Virtual Reality 
Development Lab
Web Programming for 
Interactive 3D Graphics Lab 
TOTAL   24


Interested students must meet the following minimum eligibility criteria for the B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering (Graphics & Gaming) program: Minimum 50% Marks in Class X and XII. Along with 50 % in PCM (Physics/Chemistry and Mathematics) in Class XII.

Selection Criteria

Selection for the B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering (Graphics & Gaming) program at UPES School of Computer Science depends on the performance of the individual candidates in UPESEAT / JEE Mains / Board Merit / SAT/ CUET.

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