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The UPES School of Computer Science's Master of Computer Application (MCA) in Data Science program stands out as a unique and pioneering offering among India's leading universities. Backed by UPES' esteemed reputation, this program presents an intricately designed curriculum, curated by distinguished academics and industry stalwarts. The course structure emphasizes hands-on experience from the onset, with students being introduced to real-world applications of Data Science early in their semesters. This approach allows students to not only grasp the practical implications of the subject but also cultivate a robust understanding of its theoretical underpinnings, particularly in the realm of model optimization.

Integral to the program are a series of industry-focused projects encompassing both minor and major scopes. In major projects, students tackle genuine challenges, handpicked from the real-world landscape, and work under the tutelage of seasoned mentors to devise optimized solutions. A notable feature is the mandatory three-month industry internship, offering students an immersive environment to tackle authentic industry predicaments and thereby accumulate invaluable experience. Notably, the program's track record includes instances of pre-placement offers for numerous students, underscoring its industry relevance and effectiveness in preparing students for the professional arena.

The program thrives on the active engagement of faculty members, who not only guide but also involve students in their ongoing research endeavors. Opportunities frequently arise for students to contribute to both national and international projects of significance, fostering a sense of real-world impact and innovation. This program uniquely extends support for independent and faculty-assisted patent filings, nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit among students. The university's proactive encouragement and assistance have resulted in several student-driven startups, garnering substantial recognition. In essence, UPES School of Computer Science's MCA in Data Science is a holistic and forward-looking program that marries academic excellence, practical exposure, research collaboration, and entrepreneurial drive, poised to produce adept professionals poised for success in the dynamic field of Data Science.  

Program Highlights

  • In partnership with industry experts, UPES pioneers the program, crafting a curriculum that addresses the comprehensive applications of Data Science in our daily lives.
  • The core foundation of Master of Computer Application (MCA) in Data Science program is built on subjects like statistics, discrete mathematics, and probability, fostering a deep understanding and practical derivation of algorithmic models.
  • Students gain hands-on experience by implementing various statistical models with labeled datasets, emphasizing practical application over theoretical concepts.
  • Engaging with faculty research, students gain insights into innovative utilization of Data Science, enhancing their understanding of practical and emerging applications.
  • Throughout the program, students undertake diverse projects and internships, solving robust problems and presenting their solutions to a panel of senior faculty members.
  • Equipped with knowledge, skills, and real-world experience, graduates are poised to excel in the dynamic Data Science landscape, meeting industry demands head-on.

The future of the Master of Computer Application (MCA) in Data Science program is exceptionally promising, offering vast growth prospects and innovative possibilities. As our world becomes more data-centric, diverse industries acknowledge the significance of data and its potential insights, leading to a soaring demand for proficient data scientists. A paramount domain for data science impact is business, as organizations utilize it to comprehend consumer behavior, streamline operations, and guide data-based choices. This field drives business triumph, encompassing predictive analytics, customer segmentation, supply chain optimization, and fraud detection. Moreover, data science is revolutionizing healthcare, utilizing diverse healthcare data for improved disease diagnosis, tailored treatments, and enhanced patient outcomes. This includes predictive modeling, personalized medicine, and real-time health monitoring. Beyond business and healthcare, data science reshapes sectors like transportation, energy, finance, marketing, cybersecurity, and governance, fostering innovation through optimized systems, fraud detection, and trend analysis. Data science's scope extends to emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, and IoT, where data scientists pioneer intelligent systems and models driving these applications. Amidst a deluge of IoT-generated data, data science extracts meaningful insights and enables smart automation. Upholding ethics and responsible data usage is crucial, ensuring privacy, unbiased analysis, and trust.

Career Opportunities

Completing a Master of Computer Application (MCA) in Data Science at UPES School of Computer Science opens up a plethora of enticing career avenues in the dynamic realm of data science. With the contemporary reliance on data for informed decision-making, the demand for adept data science professionals is consistently burgeoning. The program equips graduates for a range of roles, including Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Big Data Engineer, Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Science Consultant, and Research Scientist. These roles extend across diverse sectors such as healthcare, finance, e-commerce, marketing, and government, underscoring the versatility of the field. Notably, data science experts frequently engage in collaborative, interdisciplinary teams, synergizing their skills with domain experts to tackle intricate challenges and spearhead innovation in a rapidly evolving landscape.


The Master of Computer Application (MCA) in Data Science program at UPES School of Computer Science boasts impressive placement records. With an average annual CTC of 4.92 LPA and the highest offered CTC reaching 11.2 LPA, the program has consistently provided lucrative opportunities to its graduates. A diverse array of renowned companies actively participates in the recruitment process, including Academor, Accenture, Audax Lab, Capgemini Technology Services India Limited, Cognizant Technology Solutions, IBM, Tata Consultancy Services, and more. These placements showcase the program's commitment to shaping skilled professionals for the dynamic field of data science, equipping them for success across various sectors and industries.

Fee Structure

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Semester 1

Data Structures & Algorithms 3014
Data Base Management Systems3014
Problem Solving2002
Program Elective-13014
Python Programming2013
Topics in Mathematical Sciences30 3
TOTAL   20

Semester 2

Java Programming3014
Operating Systems3014
Software Engineering  & Agile Practices3014
Web Technologies 3014
Program Elective-23014
Program Elective-33003
EDGE – Advance Communication1000
TOTAL   23

Semester 3

Program Elective-43003
Program Elective-53003
Minor Project   4
Computer Networks3014
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML3  3
TOTAL   17

Semester 4

Major Project   20
TOTAL   20


Interested students must meet the following minimum eligibility criteria for admission to the Master of Computer Application (MCA) program in Data Science :Minimum 50% in 10th & 12th & 50% aggregate marks in BCA or B.Sc. (Computer Science) or B.Sc. (Information Technology) or any Graduation with Computer Science / IT as a subject for three years OR with (Mathematics or Statistics or Business Math’s or Business Statistics or QT as one of the subjects at Graduation or 10+2 level) or equivalent.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for individuals interested in enrolling in the Master of Computer Application (MCA) program with a specialization in Data Science at UPES depend on the individual's performance in Personal Interview.

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