B.Des. (Graphics Design & Communication)

B.Des. (Graphics and Communication Design )

Program details

The Bachelor of Graphics and Communication Design program offered by UPES School of Design is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the field of graphic design and communication. The curriculum covers a wide range of subjects including image design, typography, layout design, branding, design history, research methods, web-based design, digital design, photography, and graphics technology.

One of the key focuses of the program is on sustainable design technology, reflecting the growing importance of environmentally-friendly design practices in today's world. Students are exposed to the principles of sustainable design and learn how to incorporate them into their creative processes. This not only enables them to contribute to a more sustainable future but also equips them with a competitive edge in the industry.

The Bachelor of Graphics and Communication Design program emphasizes the development of core values, an understanding of emerging trends, and the ability to tackle the challenges that designers face in their professional careers. Students are encouraged to think creatively and critically, and to develop a strong aesthetic sense that allows them to effectively communicate concepts and ideas through visual mediums. The aim is to produce industry-ready professionals who can make a positive impact and bring about meaningful change through their innovative design solutions.

Program Highlights

  • Bachelor of Graphics and Communication Design  students get access to an iMac studio lab and two Cintiq studios, providing students with advanced technology and tools for projects.
  • Industrial visits to renowned establishments like Leaf Design Studio, where students gain hands-on experience with iMac and actively participate in the design process, enhancing their practical skills.
  • Visits to the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre expose students to Indian arts and culture, broadening their creative perspective and influencing their design approach.
  • A trip to the IKEA store allows students to explore its unique business model and understand its range of products, providing valuable insights into the intersection of design and commerce.
  • Students visit JAK printers to witness the printing process first hand and stay updated on technological advancements within the industry, ensuring they are well-equipped for the evolving field of graphic design.
  • Through these visits, Bachelor of Graphics and Communication Design  students have the opportunity to observe different projects, gaining exposure to diverse design styles and approaches, enriching their design knowledge and fostering creativity.

The future of the Bachelor of Graphics and Communication Design  program holds immense potential in the ever-changing Indian landscape. The demand for graphic designers is rapidly increasing across various industries, including print media, film and animation, gaming, interactive communication, and emerging fields like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). As the industry progresses, several key trends and technological advancements are expected to shape the future of graphic designers. The digitalization of communication and marketing will continue to be a driving force, necessitating the skills of graphic designers in creating compelling digital content such as websites, apps, and online advertisements. While AI and machine learning may automate certain design tasks, graphic designers will remain essential due to their creativity and critical thinking abilities, which machines cannot replicate.

Career Opportunities

With a Bachelor of Graphic and Communication Design  degree, individuals gain access to diverse career prospects within the creative industry. This program offers an array of opportunities such as artistic pursuits, animation, web development, advertising, as well as film and video production. The design communication sector stands as one of India's largest industries, ensuring ample employment possibilities for graduates. This degree equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in various fields, providing a strong foundation for a successful career in the dynamic world of graphic design and communication.

Students in the field of Graphic and Communication Design  have various potential professional paths available to them, which are listed below and they can choose to pursue.

  • Graphic Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Art Director
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Web Developer
  • Animation


The Bachelor of Graphics and Communication Design  program offers placements with renowned companies such as Accorian, Beebocircle, Dell Technologies, Lopez Design, Tata Consultancy Services, and TechEagle Innovation Pvt. Ltd. Graduates can expect a competitive salary package, with the average annual CTC being Rs. 6.23 Lakhs per annum and the highest CTC reaching Rs. 8 Lakhs per annum. These opportunities provide students with valuable industry exposure and a chance to kick-start their careers in the field of graphic design and communication.

Fee Structure

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The minimum eligibility criteria for Bachelor of Graphics and Communication Design to be fulfilled by interested students is as follows: Minimum 50% marks in class X and XII (any stream).

Selection Criteria

The process of selection criteria for students interested in pursuing Bachelor of Graphics and Communication Design  offered by UPES is based on the individual's performance in National Level (NID/NIFT/UCEED/JEE) / UPESDAT / Board Merit/ CUET followed by Portfolio Presentation & Interview.

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