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M.Des. (Interaction Design)

Program details

The Master of Design (User Experience & Interaction Design) program offered by UPES is designed to equip students with the necessary skills to become UX/ID specialists. The program is a two-year postgraduate degree that focuses on research-based learning. The curriculum is designed to give students a strong foundation in UX/ID and explore advanced topics in interaction design, including contemporary technologies and practices.

Throughout the program, students will engage in hands-on projects that will allow them to apply the theoretical knowledge they have gained in practical settings. They will also have the opportunity to work with industry experts and participate in internships that will help them develop their skills further. The program also emphasizes the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are essential for success in the field of UX/ID.

Overall, the Master of Design (User Experience & Interaction Design) program is an excellent choice for students who want to specialize in UX/ID and pursue a career in this field. The program offers a comprehensive curriculum, hands-on experience, and opportunities to work with industry experts. Upon graduation, students will be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the rapidly growing field of UX/ID.

Program Highlights

  • State-of-the-art Interaction Design Studio equipped with advanced AR/VR equipment, motion controllers, haptic feedback devices, Arduino and Raspberry Pi microcontrollers, smart materials, 3D printers, and drones.
  • Hands-on learning opportunities for conceptualizing and creating interactive systems that feature sensors, actuators, and other electronic components.
  • Exploration of autonomous systems through the use of drones, for the creation and examination of aerial photography, surveillance, and other applications.
  • Master of Design (User Experience & Interaction Design) program has a curriculum that emphasizes research and is taught by faculty from top-notch institutions such as IITs and NIDs.
  • Exceptional chance for students to gain knowledge on cutting-edge technologies and methodologies for creating interactive experiences.
  • Ideal environment for students to nurture their ingenuity and hone their abilities in the exhilarating domain of user experience and interaction design.

The Master of Design (User Experience & Interaction Design) program has a promising future scope, with a surge in job opportunities of up to 30% according to global research. The field of user interface design has secured the top spot among seven sought-after professions in the realm of design and planning. Esteemed corporations like Apple and Facebook are prioritizing and allocating resources towards design to gain a competitive edge and expand their reach. UX/UI designers can explore new opportunities in creating innovative and engaging interfaces for emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Career Opportunities

A Master of Design (User Experience & Interaction Design) degree can lead to exciting career opportunities. One such path is in user research where professionals use observation and task analysis to understand user behaviour, needs, and motivations. This can lead to identifying areas for improvement and implementing enhancements. Another opportunity is in usability analysis, where you can work with companies to improve customer experiences with digital platforms. As an information architect, you can design a website's content framework to effectively serve its users. Additionally, as an interaction designer, you can focus on creating engaging interfaces that increase user interaction with technology. With an Master of Design (User Experience & Interaction Design) program, you can pursue a rewarding career in the design industry.

The students may pursue the following professional paths in the field of User Experience & Interaction Design, as listed below.

  • User Research
  • Usability Analyst
  • Information Architect
  • Interaction Designer


According to global research, user interface design has become the most sought-after profession in design and planning. In addition, UX/UI designers can explore opportunities to create engaging interfaces for emerging technologies such as AI, VR/AR, and IoT. The Master of Design (User Experience & Interaction Design) program prepares students for this in-demand field, with key recruiters such as Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, KPMG, Infosys, Capgemini, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TCS. The average CTC for our graduates is Rs. 6.48 lakhs per annum, while the highest CTC is Rs. 15.17 lakhs per annum.

Fee Structure

Click here for detailed Fee Structure.


Semester 1

Understanding Design and Design 
Elements and Principles of Design0244
History of Design2002
Human Factors and Usability Engineering2163
Fundamentals of Information Design   2
Computation in Design and Creativity1203
Design Project 1: Web Technologies   6
TOTAL   24

Semester 2

Design Research Methodology2002
User Data Analytics & 
Technical Writing
Applied Human Factors2002
User Experience Design3003
Professional Elective 1   2
Physical Computing2002
Introduction to Sensors and 
Professional Elective 2   3
System Design3003
Service Design 3003
Open Elective 1   2
Data Visualization2002
Data Driven Design2002
Game Design1102
Sustainable Design    2
Open Elective 2   3
Understanding Digital Media3003
Digital Media and Society    
Design Project 2: Mobile or 
Multimodal Systems
TOTAL   27

Semester 3

Design Management & IPR 1022
Summer Internship   2
Strategic Design and Business0101
Design for e-Commerce3003
Professional Elective 3   3
Tangible Interface Design112 
Design for Immersive Experience210 
Professional Elective 4   2
Design for Ambient Experience    
Voice User Interface Design    
Open Elective 3   2
Design For Social Need    
Design For Special Need    
Open Elective 4   3
Affective Interface Design    
Machine Learning for Designers    
 E-learning & Instructional Design    
Design Project 3: Designing with Emerging 
Technology (IoT/Tangible/Immersive 
TOTAL   24

Semester 4

Post-Graduation Thesis Project   15
TOTAL   15


The minimum eligibility criteria for Master of Design (User Experience & Interaction Design) to be fulfilled by interested students is as follows:

  • Minimum 50% in class X & XII.
  • Minimum 50% marks in bachelor’s degree in Design/Engineering/Architecture/ Interior Design: 10+2+4 years (minimum four-year bachelor’s course) OR 2 years M.Sc./MTech in Computer Science and Engineering. IT Subjects / Domains (Only for Interaction Design) or equivalent.

Selection Criteria

The process of selection criteria for students interested in pursuing Master of Design (User Experience & Interaction Design) offered by UPES is based on the individual's performance in National Level / UPESDAT/CUET followed by Portfolio Presentation & Interview.

Note: Candidates having valid CEED-2023 scores will be exempted from UPES – DAT Exam. The cut-off rank for CEED up to 1886.

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