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Ph.D. - Biotechnology

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The Ph.D. in Biotechnology program offered by the UPES School of Health Sciences and Technology (SOHST) is a rigorous and comprehensive research initiative designed to provide students with advanced knowledge and skills in various facets of biotechnology. With a focus on genetic engineering, molecular biology, bioinformatics, pharmaceutical biotechnology, and environmental biotechnology, the program ensures a well-rounded understanding of the field's diverse applications.

Under the guidance of experienced faculty members and industry experts, students are encouraged to engage in cutting-edge research, fostering critical thinking and advanced research skills. The program's duration, spanning 3 to 4 years, allows candidates to delve deep into specialised areas of biotechnology, conduct experiments, publish their findings in renowned journals, and present their research at national and international conferences. The curriculum is meticulously crafted to empower candidates to contribute significantly to the field through original research work and the completion of a thesis.

The UPES School of Health Sciences and Technology Ph.D. in Biotechnology is committed to producing highly skilled researchers and scholars who are well-prepared to make impactful contributions to the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of biotechnology. With a strong emphasis on research excellence and practical application of knowledge, graduates of this program emerge as leaders in the field, ready to address complex challenges and drive innovation in biotechnology.

Program Highlights

  • Engage in pioneering research projects at the forefront of biotechnology, collaborating closely with renowned faculty members who are leaders in their respective research areas.
  • Access advanced laboratories and research facilities equipped with the latest technologies, ensuring students have the necessary tools for conducting high-quality research.
  • Benefit from a robust network of collaborations with industry partners, research institutions, and government agencies, providing unique opportunities for internships, collaborative projects, and exposure to real-world biotechnological applications.
  • The Ph.D. in Biotechnology program actively encourages and supports students in publishing their research in reputable scientific journals, enhancing their visibility and credibility within the scientific community.
  • Regularly organized seminars, workshops, and conferences expose students to the latest advancements, trends, and breakthroughs in biotechnology, providing networking opportunities and insights from field experts.
  • Beyond research, the program offers resources and workshops for developing professional skills, including grant writing, scientific communication, research ethics, and career development, ensuring graduates are well-rounded and prepared for success in their careers.


The Ph.D. program in Biotechnology at UPES School of Health Sciences and Technology is designed to cultivate a cadre of highly skilled and innovative researchers in the field. The program's education objectives are centered on fostering advanced knowledge and expertise in biotechnological research methodologies, encouraging critical thinking, and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration. Graduates of the program are expected to demonstrate a deep understanding of current trends in biotechnology, contribute significantly to cutting-edge research, and make substantial advancements in the application of biotechnological principles across various domains. Moreover, the program aims to instill a strong sense of ethical responsibility and leadership qualities, preparing scholars to address complex challenges in the rapidly evolving landscape of biotechnology.

Our Ph.D. program in Biotechnology is well-aligned with current industry trends, offering substantial future prospects. The emphasis on Personalized Medicine and Healthcare underscores the growing need for tailored treatments based on genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors. Biopharmaceuticals and Therapeutics, focusing on biological drugs and advanced techniques in cell culture, fermentation, and downstream processing, presents a rapidly expanding sector. Environmental Biotechnology addresses crucial issues such as pollution and waste management through bioremediation and sustainable bioprocessing. Synthetic Biology and Metabolic Engineering remain pivotal in creating novel biological systems for diverse applications, from biofuels to pharmaceuticals. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology play a crucial role in analyzing large datasets to understand complex biological systems, while Nanobiotechnology and Biomaterials offer promising applications in medical fields. The program anticipates the continued demand for biotechnologists in Global Health and Infectious Disease Control, emphasizing research on vaccines, diagnostic tools, and treatments for ongoing challenges in infectious diseases.

Career Opportunities

Earning a Ph.D. in Biotechnology unlocks diverse career prospects spanning academia, research and development (R&D), biotech industries, government bodies, entrepreneurship, clinical research, and science communication. Graduates often pursue academic roles such as professors or researchers in universities. In R&D, they contribute to innovations in drugs, medical technologies, and agriculture. Biotech industry opportunities encompass various sectors like biopharmaceuticals and bioinformatics. Ph.D. holders also find roles in governmental and regulatory bodies, influencing policies and quality control. Entrepreneurial ventures, clinical research organizations, science communication, and patent law are other paths where their specialised knowledge proves invaluable. This dynamic field offers continuous growth and opportunities for Ph.D. graduates to make impactful contributions across industries.

Admission Details

July 2024 Intake
Key TimelinesImportant Dates
Last Date to ApplyJune 3, 2024
RET ExamJune 10, 2024
RET Result DeclarationJune 21, 2024
Submission of Research Proposal 
on - approx. 1000 
June 26, 2024
Online Interview Booking/SchedulingJuly 3th, 2024
InterviewsJuly 18, 19 & 22 July 2024
Interview Result DeclarationJuly 30, 2024
Last date to Pay FeeAug 4, 2024
Registration DateAug 8, 2024
Orientation DateAug 9, 2024
Commencement of SessionAug 12, 2024

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