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BA/BBA/B.Com. LL.B. Hons. Criminal Law

Program details

The specialization in Criminal Law (Hons.) program offered by UPES School of Law is designed as a 5-year integrated law degree program that provides students with a well-rounded education in both arts subjects and specialized legal courses in criminal law. The program focuses on equipping students with a deep understanding of various aspects of criminal law, including substantive criminal law, criminal procedure, evidence, and the criminal justice system.

In addition to the core subjects, the program offers students the opportunity to explore specialized areas within criminal law, such as white-collar crime, cybercrime, and international criminal law. This allows students to develop expertise in specific areas of interest and prepares them for a diverse range of career opportunities in the field of criminal justice.

The program's holistic approach to legal education ensures that students gain practical experience and develop essential skills through various activities such as classroom teaching, moot courts, internships, workshops, and interactions with legal experts. This hands-on approach enables students to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios and enhances their analytical, research, and advocacy skills.

Program Highlights

  • Explore crime causation theories, social factors, and psychological aspects of criminal behavior.
  • Examine different stages of criminal proceedings and legal safeguards in various legal systems.
  • Study legal frameworks, fraud prevention, regulatory compliance, and the role of financial institutions in combating fraud.
  • Criminal Law (Hons.) program help students understand the legal framework for addressing transnational crimes, including war crimes and crimes against humanity.
  • Analyze white-collar crimes, corruption, and economic offenses, along with regulatory agencies and ethical dimensions.
  • Learn about forensic disciplines, admissibility of evidence, ethical considerations, and challenges in interpreting scientific evidence.

The future scope of the Criminal Law (Hons.) program is promising, with several key areas driving its growth and specialization. The program will focus on the rising prominence of Cybercrime and Technology, addressing the evolving challenges posed by digital offenses and equipping students with the necessary knowledge and skills. Additionally, advancements in Forensic Science and Technology will be a vital component, enabling students to leverage cutting-edge techniques in criminal investigations and evidence analysis. The program will offer specialized areas of Criminal Law, allowing students to delve deeper into specific aspects such as white-collar crime, organized crime, or terrorism. Furthermore, a strong emphasis will be placed on Victim Rights and Restorative Justice, ensuring that students understand the importance of supporting and advocating for victims within the criminal justice system. Technological solutions for Case Management will also be a significant focus, enabling students to utilize innovative tools and software to streamline legal processes. With the increasing globalization of crime, the program will emphasize International Cooperation in Criminal Investigations, providing students with a global perspective and the skills to work collaboratively across jurisdictions. The program will foster Reform and Innovation in Criminal Justice, encouraging students to critically evaluate existing systems and propose progressive solutions. Lastly, the program will promote Legal Aid and Pro Bono Initiatives, instilling a sense of social responsibility in students and encouraging them to provide legal assistance to underprivileged individuals.

Career Opportunities

Completing the Criminal Law (Hons.) program offered by UPES School of Law opens up a wide array of promising career opportunities. Graduates can pursue roles as criminal lawyers, providing legal representation to clients and arguing cases in courtrooms. They can also explore opportunities in the judiciary, working as judges or magistrates, presiding over criminal cases. Other options include becoming legal advisors or consultants for law enforcement agencies, assisting in investigations and ensuring adherence to legal procedures. Additionally, graduates can pursue careers in academia, conducting research and teaching criminal law to aspiring lawyers. With the comprehensive knowledge and practical skills gained from the program, UPES School of Law graduates are well-equipped to excel in diverse and challenging roles within the criminal justice system.


The Criminal Law (Hons.) program offered by UPES School of Law provides excellent placement opportunities for its graduates. The program equips students with a comprehensive understanding of criminal law, criminal justice system, and related areas. Graduates of this program can pursue a variety of career paths. They can work as criminal lawyers, providing legal counsel and representation to clients in criminal cases. They can also join law enforcement agencies as prosecutors or public defenders. Additionally, graduates can explore opportunities in judiciary, legal research, policy-making organizations, and international criminal law. The program's strong emphasis on practical training, internships, and moot court competitions further enhances students' skills and employability, ensuring their successful transition into the professional world.

Fee Structure

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Interested students must meet the minimum eligibility requirements for Criminal Law (Hons.) as stated below: Minimum 50% Marks at Higher and Senior Secondary level (X and XII).

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for students who wish to pursue the Criminal Law (Hons.) program at UPES rely on the performance of individuals in ULSAT / CLAT /LSAT- India / Board Marks/ CUET. CUET.

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