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BA/BBA/B.Com. LL.B. Hons. Energy and Environmental Law

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The Energy and Environmental Law (Hons.) program offered by UPES School of Law provides students with a specialized education in the field of energy and environmental jurisprudence. Through this program, students will develop a critical understanding of key topics such as sustainable energy systems, energy security issues, and energy-linked environmental policies. They will also gain knowledge about the international framework for addressing climate change, including the organizational arrangements and treaties that govern obligations on a country level.

This Energy and Environmental Law (Hons.) program aims to equip graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle complex legal issues related to energy resources. Students will learn about renewable energy laws and policies, which are becoming increasingly important in today's world. They will also gain insights into energy trading, an essential aspect of the energy industry. Additionally, students will study energy security and climate change issues, enabling them to understand the legal implications and potential solutions to these pressing global challenges.

By completing the Energy and Environmental Law (Hons.) program, graduates will be well-prepared to contribute to the field of energy and environmental law. They will possess a strong foundation in legal principles and a deep understanding of the specific issues related to energy and the environment. This comprehensive education will enable them to navigate the complexities of this field and make informed decisions that promote sustainable energy practices and address environmental concerns.

Program Highlights

  • The Energy & Environmental Law (Hons.) program offers a specialized curriculum that focuses on the critical linkages and implications between energy and environmental law, covering topics such as international environmental law, energy policy governance, sustainable energy, climate change, legal frameworks of the oil and gas sector, nuclear energy laws, and sustainable development.
  • The Energy & Environmental Law (Hons.) program provides a comprehensive understanding of energy and environmental law within the international context, equipping students with knowledge and skills to navigate the global legal framework governing energy and environmental issues.
  • A key highlight of the program is its emphasis on sustainable energy and environment protection, enabling students to explore and address the legal challenges associated with promoting and implementing sustainable energy solutions.
  • The curriculum delves into the national and international legal frameworks surrounding climate change and energy transition, preparing students to contribute effectively to the legal aspects of mitigating climate change and transitioning to cleaner energy sources.
  • Students gain insights into the legal frameworks governing the Indian oil and gas sector, understanding the regulatory environment and the legal aspects of exploration, production, and distribution in this crucial industry.
  • The program covers nuclear energy laws, providing students with a deep understanding of the legal framework and regulations surrounding nuclear energy while also emphasizing the importance of sustainable development in this domain.

The future scope of the Energy & Environmental Law (Hons.) program is promising. Graduates of the program will gain in-depth knowledge of various energy resources and the legislation governing them. They will understand energy flow and government policies aimed at ensuring an adequate energy supply. The growing importance of renewable energy makes it a niche area of focus, requiring expertise in formulating frameworks, policies, and governance systems. The introduction of market-based trading instruments such as Energy Saving Certificates and Renewable Energy Certificates indicates the potential for future growth. With environmental regulations becoming stricter, businesses are seeking guidance on compliance and sustainable practices. Energy and environment lawyers play a crucial role in helping companies navigate complex laws and regulations, advising on renewable energy projects, emissions reduction strategies, and climate change policies. They also assist with environmental impact assessments, waste management regulations, and circular economy initiatives. Additionally, these lawyers represent clients in environmental litigation cases, addressing disputes related to pollution, land use, and environmental damage. The program equips students to handle the legal challenges associated with the strong energy-environment linkage.

Career Opportunities

Completing the Energy & Environmental Law (Hons.) program offered by UPES School of Law opens up a wide array of promising career opportunities in the field of energy and environmental law. Graduates of this program can pursue careers as energy lawyers, working on legal issues related to renewable energy, oil and gas, and electricity regulation. They can also explore opportunities in environmental law, advising on matters such as environmental compliance, sustainability, and climate change. Additionally, graduates can find employment in government agencies, international organizations, energy companies, consulting firms, and non-profit organizations, playing a crucial role in shaping policies, advocating for environmental protection, and ensuring sustainable development. With the increasing global focus on clean energy and environmental sustainability, the Energy & Environmental Law (Hons.) program equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in this dynamic and impactful field.


The Energy & Environmental Law (Hons.) program offered by UPES School of Law provides excellent placement opportunities for students aspiring to specialize in this field. With a strong focus on the dynamic and rapidly evolving energy and environmental sectors, the program equips students with a comprehensive understanding of legal frameworks, policies, and regulations governing these industries. Graduates of the program have access to a wide range of career paths, including opportunities in law firms, corporate legal departments, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and international organizations. The program's industry-driven curriculum, along with UPES School of Law's strong industry connections and extensive network of alumni, ensures that students are well-prepared for the job market and have the potential to secure rewarding and impactful placements in the energy and environmental law field.

Fee Structure

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Interested students must meet the minimum eligibility criteria for the Energy & Environmental Law (Hons.) program, which are as follows: Minimum 50% Marks at Higher and Senior Secondary level (X and XII).

Selection Criteria

The selection process for students who are interested in the Energy & Environmental Law (Hons.) program at UPES is determined by evaluating each individual's performance in ULSAT / CLAT / LSAT- India / Board Marks / CUET.

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