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B.Sc. (Hons.) - Psychology and Behaviour

Program Details

In the dynamic landscape of psychology, the Psychology and Behaviour programme at our institution stands out as a beacon of transdisciplinary learning and experiential pedagogy. Designed to cultivate a deep understanding of human cognition and behaviour, this programme is meticulously designed to integrate theory with practical applications, empowering and equipping our graduates to adeptly navigate the complexities of real-world scenarios.

Transdisciplinary Learning
For each course in our programme there lies a commitment to transdisciplinary learning. Recognizing that psychology intersects with various disciplines, we provide students with a rich repertoire of subjects to choose from. From exploring brain anatomy to delving into mental health conditions, students approach diverse topics through a transdisciplinary lens. For instance, students delve into podcasts that dissect a myriad of concepts, offering a nuanced understanding of how biological and environmental factors shape behaviour.

Experiential Pedagogy
Central to our educational philosophy is the belief in learning by doing. We firmly believe that true understanding and appreciation of psychological concepts arise from practical application. Each course in our programme includes a practical component designed to engage students actively. For instance, students engage in creating visually captivating posters. These posters not only serve as educational tools but also ignite meaningful conversations within the community, showcasing the creativity and academic rigour of our students. Additionally, students observe master therapists in action, participate in role-plays, and conduct mock counselling sessions. This immersive experience, complemented by faculty mentorship, equips students with the skills needed for real-world practice.

Global Exposure
In an increasingly interconnected world, exposure to diverse perspectives is invaluable. Our programme transcends borders, drawing on global insights to enrich the learning journey. Through active involvement in seminars and workshops led by distinguished experts, students gain a broader understanding of cultural nuances in psychology. This global exposure fosters a mindset essential for today's professionals navigating diverse environments.

Faculty from Renowned Institutions
Our faculty members hail from prestigious universities worldwide, bringing a wealth of expertise and insights to the classroom. Their guidance empowers students to delve into cutting-edge research and innovative practices.

Beyond the confines of the classroom, our students are catalysts for change, advocating for mental health awareness. The biannual newsletter, "Mental Health Matters," led by our undergraduate students, serves as a platform to raise awareness about mental health concerns. This initiative underscores our commitment not only to academic excellence but also to social responsibility.

In essence, the Psychology and Behaviour programme transcends conventional boundaries, seamlessly blending rigorous academics with practical experiences. Through transdisciplinary learning, experiential pedagogy, global exposure, and mentorship from distinguished faculty, our students emerge as empathetic, skilled professionals poised to make a meaningful impact in the ever-evolving field of psychology.

Program Highlights

  1. The Psychology and Behaviour program cultivates critical thinking, empirical research proficiency, analytical acumen, and a thorough comprehension of psychological phenomena, theories, and their societal implications.
  2. Training in data analysis through tools such as SPSS, MATLAB, and NVIVO, focusing on qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-method approaches.
  3. Transdisciplinary learning environment with exposure to learners from six UPES schools viz. Engineering, Computer Science, Law, Management, Design and Health Sciences.
  4. Access to globally renowned academicians, researchers, subject matter experts (SMEs) and thinkers from marquee academic and research institutions such as Cambridge, Cornell, Imperial College, NUS Singapore, NIMHANS (under progress), and Madras School of Social Work, enabling exposure to innovative knowledge and perspectives in the field and participation in cutting-edge research.
  5. Opportunities for developing applied skills through firsthand learning experiences in the form of internships, fellowships, research seminars, and masterclasses.

Career Opportunities

The B.Sc. (Hons.) Psychology and Behaviour program opens doors to diverse career paths, including clinical psychology, counselling, research, education, organizational behaviour, cognitive neuroscience, and more.

An undergraduate degree in psychology lays the foundations for rewarding careers in various roles across the public and private sectors such as:

  • Academic/Researcher
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Professional
  • Counsellor/Psychotherapist
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Rehabilitation Psychologist
  • Forensic Psychologist
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychologist
  • Sports Psychologist
  • Program Manager/Coordinator in NGOs
  • Social Scientist
  • Policymaker
  • Neuroscientists

Furthermore, graduates with training in psychology can make successful careers in the rapidly evolving fields of user experience research and human-computer interface development.

Fee Structure

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Semester 1

Course TypeCourseCredits
Core CoursesIntroduction to Psychology-I3
Brain and Behaviour3

Semester 2

Course TypeCourseCredits
Core CoursesIntroduction to Psychology-II 3
Statistical Methods in 
Systems in Psychology3
Theories of Personality3
Elective CoursesMindfulness Based 
Practices for 
/Interdisciplinary Courses
Sports Psychology 2
Psychology of Technology 2

Semester 3

Course TypeCourseCredits
Core CoursesStatistical Methods in 
Social Psychology 3
Research Methods in 
/Interdisciplinary Courses
Psychology and Education 2
Nutrition Psychology2

Semester 4

Course TypeCourseCredits
Core CoursesApplied Social Psychology 3
Counselling Psychology 3
Psychological Assessment3
Elective CoursesQualitative Research Methods 3
/Interdisciplinary Courses
Positive Psychology3
Environmental Psychology3

Semester 5

Course TypeCourseCredits
Core CoursesLife Span Development 3
Psychopathology and 
Psychological Disorders I 
Organisational Behaviour3
Cognitive Neuropsychology3
Ethics in Research3

Semester 6

Course TypeCourseCredits
Core CoursesPsychopathology and 
Psychological Disorders II 
Human Resource 
Biopsychology of Mental 
Counselling and Psychotherapy3
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 3
Managing Conflicts in 
Techniques in Neuropsychology3
Writing the Research Protocol2
Elective CoursesAdvanced Research Methods3
/Interdisciplinary Courses
User experience research3
Cultural and Indigenous 

Semester 7

Course TypeCourse
Core CoursesResearch Proposal
Elective CoursesPsychology of Ageing Well
Health Psychology
/Interdisciplinary Courses
Community Psychology
Psychology of Addiction

Semester 8

Course TypeCourse
Core CoursesDissertation
Elective CoursesPsychology of Disability
/Interdisciplinary Courses
Psychology of Gender and 
Stereotype, Prejudice and 
Forensic Psychology


The minimum eligibility criteria for Psychology and Behaviour to be fulfilled by interested students are as follows: 

  • 50% in 10th & 12th in any stream

Selection Criteria

Selection to the B.Sc. (Hons.) Economics with Data Science program is highly competitive and is limited to an intake of only 40 students. The selection criteria is a valid SAT score/ CUET.

The two steps of the selection process entail:

  1. Profile-based shortlisting
  2. Interview Process with Expert Panel


To opt the minors, please choose the minors from the bucket. Click here to know more.

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