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The BA / B.Sc. in HISTORY & POLITICS offered by the School of Liberal Studies (SoLS) at UPES is a flagship research Honors program that combines the core disciplines of History and Political Science. Graduates of this program will earn a double major in Political Science and History, with the option of a double minor in Economics and Data Science, as well as Environmental Sciences. This transdisciplinary program draws upon the complementarities of Political Science, History, and International Relations to provide students with a comprehensive and global education.

The faculty at SoLS adopts intersectional methodologies, utilizing knowledge from various disciplines to shape a coherent and enriching program. The curriculum is designed to be on par with international BA/B.Sc. History and Politics programs, with an emphasis on critical thinking, problem-solving, and social justice. The program aims to equip students with the skills to analyze and provide innovative solutions to complex challenges in our rapidly changing world.

The program offers a wide range of courses, covering topics such as the History of South Asia, contemporary politics, citizenship, climate change, sustainability, gender, governance, development, international security, and foreign policy. Students receive rigorous training in theoretical and conceptual issues, complemented by hands-on experience in real-world applications. The program adopts a 'praxis'-oriented approach, incorporating a strong field-based component into the curriculum to prepare students for higher education and industry.

Program Highlights

  • Students of BA / B.Sc. in HISTORY & POLITICS program receive dedicated guidance from faculty and career services to apply for prestigious global universities, with a focus on timely preparation and support for December-January application deadlines.
  • For students not interested in pursuing an academic career, the faculty continues to provide mentorship, assisting them in securing industry-specific positions by leveraging UPES' career services.
  • The program includes training students in conducting original research through the Archival Ideation Lab. This state-of-the-art facility at UPES houses exclusive documents from the 18th century to the present, offering unparalleled access to historical and political resources.
  • Swapaksha - The Philosophical Society, led by research students in History and Politics, this debating society organizes debates, roundtables, and publishes a biannual webzine showcasing exceptional student write-ups. It also helps students prepare for group discussions, interviews, and enhances their research argumentation skills.
  • In the final semester, students have the opportunity to work as fellows in various esteemed institutions, including Vidhan Sabhas, State Archives, NGOs, Embassies, Thinktanks, and publicly and privately owned museums and archives. This practical exposure enhances their professional experience and networking.
  • The BA / B.Sc. in HISTORY & POLITICS program provides access to documents that are otherwise unavailable in the public domain or inaccessible in any single global repository. This unique resource empowers students to delve into original and in-depth research in history and politics.

The BA / B.Sc. in HISTORY & POLITICSprogram offers students a comprehensive understanding of Indian History, encompassing its various intricacies. It provides a solid foundation in Political Science and Public Policy theories, allowing students to connect theoretical concepts with empirical research methodologies and apply them to real-world scenarios. Graduates of this program acquire multilingual skills, enabling them to explore diverse data sets and archival sources for researching South Asian histories. They develop a comparative orientation towards addressing socio-political and economic issues, finding effective solutions. The program also imparts knowledge on Indian politics, democratic institutions, citizenship, gender, contemporary social, political, economic, and policy issues, along with International Relations, Climate, and Sustainability. Students gain the ability to identify complex policy and governance challenges, understand societal narratives, and think creatively to solve policy puzzles.

Career Opportunities

The BA / B.Sc. in HISTORY & POLITICS program offers diverse career opportunities for students. Through practical and problem-solving learning methods, graduates can pursue roles in the private sector, industrial settings, policy-based government organizations, and non-governmental think tanks. The program's faculty provides hands-on training and mentorship, enabling students to secure prestigious MA/PhD positions at renowned institutions worldwide. The specialization in South Asian history and politics makes this undergraduate program particularly suitable for those aspiring to join civil services in India. Furthermore, the program's emphasis on empiricism equips students for archival research-driven positions in public and private sector institutions, such as museums, galleries, repositories, journalism, media houses, research organizations, and scriptwriting for biopics and historical content on OTT platforms. With an increasing demand for archiving and repository expertise in the private sector, graduates from this program are well-suited for future employment. Additionally, the language training offered in Indian and European languages prepares students to function as global citizens, opening up opportunities in international institutions like the UN, UNICEF, World Bank, and those focused on emerging economies.


The new course offered by UPES, BA / B.Sc. in HISTORY & POLITICS, holds immense potential for students passionate about understanding the complexities of human society and its political systems. With a degree in History and Politics, graduates can pursue various paths depending on their interests and aspirations. The knowledge gained from studying history equips students with critical thinking, research, and analytical skills, which are highly valued in fields such as journalism, research organizations, and cultural heritage management.

Fee Structure

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The minimum eligibility criteria for BA / B.Sc. in HISTORY & POLITICS to be fulfilled by interested students is as follows: 50% in 10th & 12th.

  • Pol.Sc. in 12th will be preferred.

Selection Criteria

The process of selection criteria for students interested in pursuing BA / B.Sc. in HISTORY & POLITICS offered by UPES is based on the individual's performance in Aptitude Test/ Valid JEE Score/ CUET

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