Dr. Narendra Nath Dalei

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade

Academic Background

  • B.A.(Hons.) (Economics), SCS College, Utkal University
  • M.A.(Economics), Ravenshaw College, Utkal University
  • CoP (Climate Action: Solutions for a Changing Planet) from SDG Academy, UN.
  • PhD (Business Economics), University of Delhi


No. of Papers published in journals: 31
No. of Papers published in conferences: 08
No. of Citations: 63

Area of Specialization

  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Sustainability Studies
  • Livelihood and Ecosystem Change
  • Econometric Modeling


Research & Publications

International and National Journals

  • Narendra N. Dalei.  Forest Fires in the Indian State of Uttarakhand, Eurasia Review, May 16, 2016, ISSN No. 2330-717X (http://www.eurasiareview.com/16052016-forest-fires-in-indian-state-of-uttarakhand-oped/)
  • DP Singh, Narendra N. Dalei and TB Raju. Forecasting Investment and Capacity Addition in Indian Airport Infrastructure: Analysis from Post-privatization and Post-economic Regulation Era, Journal of Air Transport Management, Elsevier, 53 (2016) 218-225, 10.1016/j.jairtraman.2016.03.004
  • Narendra N. Dalei and Anshuman Gupta. Performance of Electricity Distribution Companies in Delhi: An Evaluation Study. Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment. 2 (2014): 111-136. (2014). FrancoAngeli Series. 
  • Narendra N. Dalei and Yamini Gupt. Livelihood Sustainability of Forest Dependent Communities in a Mine-spoiled Area. International Journal of Ecological Economics and Statistics, 35(4): 30-47 (2014).
  • Narendra N. Dalei. An Econometric Study of CO2 Emissions, Economic Growth, and Openness of India. International Journal of Ecological Economics and Statistics, 34(3): 10-19 (2014).
  • DP Singh, Narendra N. Dalei and TB Raju. Economics of Air Connectivity in India during Post Regulation and Post Privatization Era. International Journal of Applied Research 1 (11), 673-679.
  • DP Singh, Narendra N. Dalei and TB Raju. Airport Privatization and Economic Regulation: An Indian Experience. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development 2 (5) 414-418.
  • Narendra N. Dalei, P Dash and A Gupta Supply chain management of cotton in Odisha: Small and medium farmer’s concern. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development 2 (5). 328-335 (2015).
  • Narendra N. Dalei, P Dutta Sharecropping System and its supply chain Management: A Case study from Coastal Belt of Odisha. International Journal of Applied Research 1 (6), 50-56 (2015).
  • Narendra N. Dalei. Determinants of Energy Consumption in Open Economies. Ane Books Pvt.Ltd.1(2015): 89-104. 

International Conference

  • Narendra N. Dalei. Estimation of Forest Dependent Community Welfare using Multinomial Logistic Regression Approach. 52nd The Indian Econometric Society (TIES) Annual Conference at IIM Kozhikode held during  January 4-6, 2016.
  • Narendra N. Dalei. Impact of Development of Greenfield Airports on Environment and Urbanization. Eighth Biennial Conference of The Indian Society for Ecological Economics (INSEE) on Urbanization and the Environment. Held at IISc, Bangalore during  4–6 January 2016 (with DP Singh and Rahul Mazumder).
  • Narendra N. Dalei. Energy Consumption in Open Economies: Role of FDI, Clean Energy, Carbon Emission and Economic Growth. 51st The Indian Econometric Society (TIES) Annual Conference at Punjabi University, Patiala held on December 12 to 14, 2014.
  • Narendra N. Dalei. Optimizing Resource Extraction Behaviour of Forest Dependent Communities in a Mine-spoiled Degraded Ecosystem. Paper presented in the Seventh Biennial Conference organized by  Indian Society for Ecological Economics at Tezpur University during December 5-7, 2013(with Y. Gupt).
  • Narendra N. Dalei. Household Behavior and Ecosystem Change. Paper presented in the International Workshop. Workshop on Integrated Ecosystem Modeling. Ashok Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment; Land Use Policies and Sustainable Development in Developing Countries, and Indian Society for Ecological Economics; at Bangalore, India. 23-24 June 2010. (with Y. Gupt).


  • Energy, Environment and Globalization: Recent Trends, Opportunities and Challenges in India, Springer Nature, ISBN 978-981-13-9310-5
  • Aviation Forecasting Techniques. MDSA-831D. ISBN. 978-81-946164-2-9

Publication in Peer Reviewed Indexed Journals:

  • Critical Success Factors for Development of Public-private Partnership Airports in India.5(1). Journal of Infrastructure, Policy and Development. EnPress Publisher. ISSN: 2572-7923 (Print); 2572-7931 (Online) (Indexed in Scopus, WoS, ESCI)
  • Estimation of Gross Refining Margin of Indian Petroleum Refineries using Driscoll-Kraay Standard Error Estimator. 150 (2021) 112148. Energy Policy. Elsevier. ISSN: 0301-4215 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.enpol.2021.112148 Impact Factor: 5.693. A-category of ABDC. (Indexed in Scopus, WoS, SSCI, Q1). IF: 6.142
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Funded Research Projects:

  • Certification Programme on Technical; Cost & Financial, and General Modules on Carbon Capture, Storage and Reuse (CCSU). Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Pritech Park Annex, Bellandur Village, VarthurHobli, Bangalore East, Bangalore 10, 560103 India. Role: PI. Amount Sanctioned: INR 770000/-
  • Impact Assessment of Climate Change Literacy Programme of Indian Business Schools using Randomized Control Trial Method. (2021). Faculty Research Programme, Institute of Eminence (IoE), University of Delhi. Role: CoPI. Amount Sanctioned: INR 350000/-
  • Climate-resilient agriculture through Artificial Intelligence to Adapt to Climate Change in India (2020 – 2022), Funding Agency: National Geographic Society (NGS), 1145 17th St., NW, Washington, DC 20036, USA and (2) Microsoft Corporation, Washington, USA. Role: PI. Amount Sanctioned: USD 15000/- Azure Credit
  • Economic Valuation of Himalayan Biodiversity: A Case Study of Selected Wetlands and National Parks of Northern India (2019 – 2022), Funding Agency: ICSSR, New Delhi, Role: Co-PI. Amount Sanctioned Rs.1060000/-
  • Adopting Clean and Renewable Energy to Mitigate Climate Change in India: Status, Barriers and Way-forward (2019 – 2020), Funding Agency: R& D, UPES, Role: PI. Amount Sanctioned Rs.150000/-

PhD Supervision:

  • The Operational Efficiency of Indian Petroleum Refineries, Scholar: Jignesh Joshi (Thesis submitted)
  • A Study to Eliminate Barriers of Indian Power Transmission System, Scholar: Naveen Upreti (Awarded in 2021)
  • Impact of Policy interventions on the Performance of Energy-intensive Industries in India: with Special Reference to PAT Phase – I, Scholar: Anukriti Sharma (Awarded in 2020)
  • Study on Contract Structure and CSFs of PPP for development of Sustainable Airports in India, Scholar: Avin Shekhar Chourasia (Synopsis passed in 2019, thesis work under progress).
  • The Analysis & Operations Optimization to Mitigate Under Utilization of Equipment’s at Coal Handling Plants of Super-Critical Thermal Units, Scholar: Sheshnath Dubey (Awarded in 2019)
  • Impact Assessment of Airport Economic Regulation and Privatization of Indian Airports Performance, Scholar: DP Singh (Awarded in 2017)


Honours & Achievements:

  • Best Research Paper (Poster Presentation) Award 2019 from 5th International Conference on Geographical Information Systems: Theory, Applications and Management (GISTAM), Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication; Avenida de S. Francisco Xavier, Lote 7 Cv. C, 2900-616 Setubal – Portugal (May 3-5, 2019)
  • Best Research Paper Presentation Award 2018 from ICCCGW 2018: 20th International Conference on Climate Change and Global Warming (29th to 30th October), Paris, France
  • Received Award of Session Chair for oral and technical presentation, recognition and appreciation of research contribution to ICCCGW 2018: 20th International Conference on Climate Change and Global Warming (29th to 30th October), Paris, France
  • International Travel Grant from ICSSR, India to present research work in ICCCGW 2018: 20th International Conference on Climate Change and Global Warming (29th to 30th October), Paris, France
  • Outstanding Reviewer Award 2017 by Energy Policy, Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Outstanding Reviewer Award 2015 by Energy Policy, Elsevier


Professional Memberships/Fellowship
  • World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology International Scientific Committee and Editorial Review Board on Business and Economics Engineering; https://www.waset.org/member/narendradalei -2017
  • The Indian Econometric Society-2015
  • Future Earth; https://network.futureearth.org/network/members/profile?UserKey=aa294706-5366-49ac-8a00-7158ccf489ba-2015
  • Indian Climate Research Network: http://www.icrn.in/user/9999527 - 2014
  • Indian Society for Ecological Economics (INSEE)-2009
  • International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE)-2009