Designation: Assistant Professor.

Qualification: (Please mention the – Degree; College / University Name; Year of Passing)

Graduation : B.Tech; Banasthali University; 2012

Post Graduation: M.Tech; IIT Roorkee; 2014

Ph.d: Ph.D; IIT Bombay; 2020

Area of Specialization: Chemical Engineering, Energy, Waste Management

Research & Publications:-

International Journals

1. Gupta, A., Thengane, S.K., Mahajani, S.M., 2018. CO2 Gasification of Char from Lignocellulosic garden waste: Experimental and kinetic study, Bioresource Technology, 263,180-191

2. Thengane, S.K., Gupta, A., Mahajani, S.M., 2019. Co-gasification of high ash biomass and high ash coal in downdraft gasifier, Bioresource Technology, 273,159-168

3. Gupta, A., Thengane, S.K., Mahajani, S.M., 2020. Kinetic study on pyrolysis and gasification of cotton stalk from Central India. Fuel, 263, 116752

4. Gupta, A., Mahajani, S.M., 2020. Kinetic Studies in Pyrolysis of Garden Waste in the Context of Downdraft Gasification: Experiments and Modeling, Energy, 208, 118427

International Conferences

1. Gupta, A., Mahajani, S.M., 2019. Pyrolysis Study of Lignocellulosic Garden Waste. 4th NASCRE, Texas, U.S.A.

2. Gupta, A., Mahajani, S.M., 2018. Characterization & Gasification kinetic study of Lignocellulosic Garden waste. 25th International Conference on Reaction Engineering (ISCRE), Italy.