Promod Kumar Painuly

Industry Fellow 

B.Sc. (PCM), Agra University

M.Sc. (Physics), Allahabad University  

Area of Specialization:

Oil & Gas Exploration and Production, Risking and project economics, International Business.

Research & Publications:

International Journals

  • Painuly, PK, “Qualitative and Quantitative Use of Partial Stacks in Seismic Interpretation: Case Studies from West Africa” 2016 ICE, Barcelona  
  • Painuly, PK, “Stratigraphic Pinch-out Plays in a Hyper-Extended Domain: Sierra Leone and Liberia Margin, West Africa” 2016, HGS Africa Conference
  • Painuly, PK (2009) “The Sierra Leone-Liberia Emerging Deepwater Province AAPG Denver” Article 10224.
  • Painuly, PK, Pramanik, AG, Singh V (2000) “Geophysics in India” THE LEADING EDGE (TLE).
  • Painuly, PK (2000) “Utilization of Multi-azimuth Offset VSP Surveys for Reservoir Mapping” AAPG.
  • Painuly, PK, Westerman, AR (1990) “VSP Source Design in Himachal Pradesh” et al, ONGC Bulletin
  • Painuly, PK, “Exploration Opportunities and Challenges of Deep Water Hydrocarbons in India” January 2000, First Break Journal.  

International Conferences:

  • Painuly, PK, “Application of Extended Elastic Impedance in Identifying Sand Fairways and Real Time Well to Seismic Calibration: An Example from Sierra Leone - Liberia West Africa Margin” 2013, EPTC, Madrid.
  • Painuly, PK, “Data Integration from Side Wall Cores to Image Log to Seismic Architecture  of Deep Water Cretaceous Section- An Example from Sierra Leone” 2012, AAPG Long Beach. 
  • Painuly, PK, “AVO Attributes Inversion as an Additional Tool for Reservoir Delineation” IRS Reservoir Symposium, July 2000, Ahmedabad, India
  • Painuly, PK, “Estimation of ‘Q’ from Borehole Data and its Application to Enhance Surface Seismic Resolution” 70th SEG International Conference, August 2000, Calgary, Canada.