Promod Kumar Painuly

Promod Kumar Painuly

Industry Fellow 

B.Sc. (PCM), Agra University

M.Sc. (Physics), Allahabad University  

Area of Specialization

Oil & Gas Exploration and Production, Risking and project economics, International Business.

Research & Publications:

International Journals

Painuly, PK, “Qualitative and Quantitative Use of Partial Stacks in Seismic Interpretation: Case Studies from West Africa” 2016 ICE, Barcelona  

Painuly, PK, “Stratigraphic Pinch-out Plays in a Hyper-Extended Domain: Sierra Leone and Liberia Margin, West Africa” 2016, HGS Africa Conference

Painuly, PK (2009) “The Sierra Leone-Liberia Emerging Deepwater Province AAPG Denver” Article 10224.

Painuly, PK, Pramanik, AG, Singh V (2000) “Geophysics in India” THE LEADING EDGE (TLE).

Painuly, PK (2000) “Utilization of Multi-azimuth Offset VSP Surveys for Reservoir Mapping” AAPG.

Painuly, PK, Westerman, AR (1990) “VSP Source Design in Himachal Pradesh” et al, ONGC Bulletin

Painuly, PK, “Exploration Opportunities and Challenges of Deep Water Hydrocarbons in India” January 2000, First Break Journal.  

International Conferences-

Painuly, PK, “Application of Extended Elastic Impedance in Identifying Sand Fairways and Real Time Well to Seismic Calibration: An Example from Sierra Leone - Liberia West Africa Margin” 2013, EPTC, Madrid.

Painuly, PK, “Data Integration from Side Wall Cores to Image Log to Seismic Architecture  of Deep Water Cretaceous Section- An Example from Sierra Leone” 2012, AAPG Long Beach. 

Painuly, PK, “AVO Attributes Inversion as an Additional Tool for Reservoir Delineation” IRS Reservoir Symposium, July 2000, Ahmedabad, India

Painuly, PK, “Estimation of ‘Q’ from Borehole Data and its Application to Enhance Surface Seismic Resolution” 70th SEG international Conference, August 2000, Calgary, Canada.