Dr. Anita Sengar

Associate Professor


B.E. (IT), University of Rajasthan

MBA (Marketing), MDU Rohtak

Ph.D. (Rural Marketing), IIT Roorkee

Qualified UGC-JRF, June, 2010

Gold medalist, MBA


Area of Specialization:


Rural Marketing, Marketing Management, CRM, Qualitative Research


Research & Publications: 


Journal Publications:


Sharma, V., & Sengar, A. (2012). Rural Marketing: A conceptual view. Indore Management Journal - Special Issue, 56-65. (ISSN No: 0975-1653)


Sharma, V. Agrawal, R., Bharti, K., & Sengar, A.(2014). Marketer’s Mindsets: Key to Develop Bottom of the Pyramid Markets. Procedia- Social and Behavioral Sciences, 133, 169-179. (an online Journal of Elsevier- Sciencedirect)


Sengar, A., Sharma, V., Agrawal, R., & Bharti, K. (2014). Rural marketing: An answer to economic development in emerging markets. Indian Management, 53(1), 48- 53. (Publisher: Business Standard)


Bharti, K., Agrawal, R., Sharma, V., & Sengar, A. (2013). Innovative Product Development at the Bottom of the Pyramid. International Journal on Spirituality and organizational leadership, 1(2), 50-62. (ISSN no.: 2320-222X, Publisher: Bloomsbury)


Sharma, V., Agrawal, R., Mahajan, R., & Sengar, S. (2013). Role of Qualitative Research  Methodology in Radical Researches. International Journal of Business and Management Studies (IJBMS), 2 (1), 239-250. (ISSN: 2158-1479)


Sengar, A., Sharma, V., Agrawal, R., & Bharti, K. (2014). Prioritization of barriers to rural markets: Integrating fuzzy logic and AHP. International journal of business and emerging markets, 6(4), 371-394. ISSN : 1753-6227 (Publisher: Inderscience)


Sharma.V., Agrawal, R., Sengar, A., & Bharti, K. (2016). Nameless submission for responsible value chains. 3D IBA Journal of Management and Leadership, 8(1), 42-46. (ISBN 2230 – 7524)


Sharma.V., Agrawal, R., Bharti, K., & Sengar, A. (2016). Ram Rajya for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 3D IBA Journal of Management and Leadership, 8(1), 47-51. (ISBN 2230 – 7524)


International conferences:


Bharti, K., Agrawal, R., Sharma, V., & Sengar, A. (2014). Unearthing whys and wherefores in non- adoption of LPG by the BOP consumer: A case of Katputli colony. International Conference on Research and Sustainable Business, IIT Roorkee (March, 8-9).


Sengar, A., & Jain, A.K. (2016). Lack of robust IT infrastructure - A major barrier to e-tailing in India. ICEIM 2016, PDPU Gandhinagar (February, 18-19).


Sengar, A., & Bharti, K. (2016). Interpretative structural modelling of drivers to electronic retailing for Indian markets. Conference on Brand management 2016, IIT Delhi (April, 16-17).


Sengar, A., Agrawal, R., Sharma, V., & Bharti, K. (2016). Modelling the drivers for rural (emerging) markets: A case of India. Global Marketing Conference 2016 at Hong Kong (July, 21-24).


Sharma, V., Sengar, A., Agrawal, R. & Bharti, K. (2016). Values Based Business Ethics Along The Entire Value Chain-A Demonstration Of The Definition Of Marketing. Conference proceedings of Global Marketing Conference 2016 at Hong Kong (July, 21-24).


National conferences:


Sharma, V., & Sengar, A. (2012). Sustainability as a challenge for businesses targeting rural markets. National conference on emerging challenges for sustainable business, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (June, 1-2). 


Awards and Achievements:


Special acknowledgment in a report “Cultural-Religious Aspects of Ganga Basin” prepared under Ganga River Basin Management Plan (GRBMP) of National Ganga River Basin Authority (NGRBA), a collective effort of the Central and State Government for effective abatement of pollution and conservation of the river Ganga by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Government of India.


Project on Co creation in Social Entrepreneurship: Partnering with Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark and FGV, Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Period 2012-13-14)


Noel Deerr Gold Medal Award of the Year 2012–13 at the 71st Annual Convention of STAI (Sugar Technologists' Association of India) at Hyderabad for research paper entitled “Vertical 


Business Integration: A Logical Perspective Evolutionary Step for Sugar Industry in India” under the Management section.