Faculty Department

Dr Binod Kumar Singh UPES Staff

Dr. Binod Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade

B.Sc. (Statistics) - Patna University (1997)

M.Sc. (Statistics in Operation Research) - Science College, Patna University (1999)

Diploma in IT - R.C.S.M (2003)

PhD (Statistics) - Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi (2007)  


Area of Specialization:

  • Decision Sciences
  • Supply Chain Managerment


No. of Papers published in journals: 44

No. of Papers published in Conferences:  2

No. of Citations:  186


Research & Publication:

  • Joshi, Bhuwan Chandra and Singh, Binod Kumar (2019), Framework for Optimixing Secondary Logistics of Automotive Fules in Downstream Pertoleum Industry in North India, International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research,8(12),3556-3562.
  • Sinha, Anjan Kumar, Kulshestra, Nikhil and Singh, Binod Kumar(2019), Towards A Safer Sky: An Attempt to Study Indian Minds and Security Intentions in the Aviation Sector, International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research, 8(10),2167-2171.
  • Joshi, Bhuwan Chandra and Singh, Binod Kumar (2019),Decision Making in Secondary Logistics of Petroleum Industry Using Analytic Hierarchy Process,International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews, 6(2), 863-867.
  • Joshi, Bhuwan Chandra and Singh, Binod Kumar (2019), Identification of Factors of Optimization in Secondary Logistics of Indian Downstream Petroleum Industry, International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews, 6(2), 251-257.
  • Sinha, Anjan Kumar, Kulshestra, Nikhil and Singh, Binod Kumar(2019), Role of Protection Motivation Theory in Cyber Security of Indian Aviation sector,International Journal of Management, IT & Engineering, Vol. 8,Issue 1(1),180-187.
  • Singh, Binod Kumar and Negi, Saurav(2019), Cold Chain Logistics: An Impediment in the Perishable Food Industry of India, International Journal of Logistics Economics and Globalisation,7(4),332-352.
  • Sinha, Anjan Kumar, Kulshestra, Nikhil and Singh, Binod Kumar(2018), Perceived Cyber Threats to Aviation Industry in India,Research Review International Journal of Multidisciplinary,3(12),1072-1076.
  • Singh, Binod Kumar(2018),Testing of Hypothesis Process: An Approach in Research Methodology,International Journal of Innovative Knowledge Concept,6(9),97-106.
  • Reddy,N Pramodh Kumar and Singh,Binod Kumar (2017), An Outlook and Framework for Wind Energy in India, Oil, Gas and Energy Quarterly,66(2),331-348.
  • Dokania, Prateek J. and Singh, Binod Kumar(2017), The Coal Industry in India: Issues, Challenges, and Prospects,Oil, Gas and Energy Quarterly,66(1),152-162.
  • Singh, Binod Kumar (2016), Estimation of Common Variance in Normal Distribution Using Linex Loss Function, Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics , 3(2), 59-79.
  • Singh, Binod Kumar (2015), Loss Functions in Financial Sector: An Overview, Asian Journal of Mathematics & Statistics, 8(1), 35-45.
  • Madad, Sushil and Singh, Binod Kumar (2015), An Empirical Study on Bunker Potential on Western Coast of India at Gulf of Kutch and Gulf of Cambay, Oil Asia Journal, 35(2),63-68.
  • Pandey, Ashok and Singh, Binod Kumar (2015), Educational Achievements of First and Subsequent Generation Learners in East Delhi/NCR Region in India - A Comparative Study, Asian Development Policy Review, 3(2), 20-28.
  • Singh, Binod Kumar (2015), Preliminary Test Estimation and Shrinkage Preliminary Test Estimation in Normal and Negative Exponential Distribution Using Linex Loss Function, International Journal of Soft Computing, Mathematics & Control ,4(1),49-66.
  • Singh, Binod Kumar and Anand, Neeraj (2014), A Study on Performance Measurement of Online Retail Stores, Asian Academic Research Journal of Multidisciplinary,1(19), 672-693.
  • Singh, Binod Kumar (2014), Estimation in Censored Sample Using Linex Loss Function, IOSR Journal of Engineering ,4(1),7-12.
  • Singh, Binod Kumar (2013), Estimation of Mean and its function using Asymmetric loss function, International Journal of Soft Computing, Mathematics & Control,2(1),27-43.
  • Singh, Binod Kumar (2013), “Louis Philippe: The larger stores for brand initiatives”, aWEshkar,15(1), 104-107.
  • Anand , Neeraj and Singh, Binod Kumar (2013), Redesigning Entrepreneurship Education in India, Commerce and Management Explorer-A Quarterly International Journal of Social Science Research,3(2), 336-350.
  • Singh, Binod Kumar (2012), Consumer Research on Horlicks:“The Great Family Nourisher”-A Case Study, International Journal of Retailing and Rural Business Perspectives,1(1),98-101.
  • Singh, Binod Kumar (2012),Nano-The People’s Car, International Journal of Research in Management,2(2),48-60. Singh, Binod Kumar (2012), Educational loan: An Empirical Study, International Journal of Research in Economics and Social Sciences,2(4) 1-12.
  • Singh,Binod Kumar (2011), A study on investors` attitude towards mutual funds as an investment option, Journal of Asian Business Strategy, 1(2), 8-15.
  • Singh, Binod Kumar (2010), Estimation of variance and its functions in exponential and normal distributions using modified functions, Far East Journal of Theoretical Statistics,30(2),153-172.
  • Singh, Binod Kumar (2010), An Empirical study on perception of consumer in insurance sector, Indian Journal of Economics and Business,9(1),61-73.
  • Singh, Binod Kumar,Jha,A.K.& Kumar,V. (2010), A Holistic Approach to Quality Success in Tata Steel, Journal of Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics,3(1),11-20.
  • Singh, Binod Kumar (2010), Statistics and its application in marketing research, Global Management Review,4(2), 49-53.
  • Anand Hari and Singh, Binod kumar(2021), Piezoelectric Energy Generation in India: An Empirical Investigation, Energy Harvesting and Systems, 6(3-4): 69–76. DOI:10.1515/ehs-2020-0002.
  • Suganthi, DN, Singh, Binod Kumar, Ghosal, Avishek and Kumar, Anil( 2021), Analysis of Key Performance Indicators of Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited, Oil, Gas and Energy Quarterly,69(3),489-503.


Book(s) Published:

  • Singh, Binod Kumar (2014),Contemporary Issues in Management- An Outline, Sheriden Book Company, New Delhi, ISBN: 81-7506-021-2.
  • Singh, Binod Kumar (2012), Business Environment Case, Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, ISBN: 978-3-659-31147-5.


Awards & Achievements:

  • Advisory Board of GISR Foundation and Technical Program Committee of ICISSC 2020.
  • Invited by the ACSE to serve as Program Committee (PC) of ACSTM 2019, the 3rd Asian Conference on Science, Technology & Medicine.
  • Received Certification of Appreciation from AIMS International in 2018,2019and 2020.
  • Session Chaired at International Conference on “Research & Innovations Trends” (ICRIT-2018): 6th-7th Jan 2018, Dehradun, Uttarahand, India.
  • Received Outstanding reviewer award in Dec 2017 from ELSEVIER.
  • Chief Guest Editor for Special Issue of Journal of Business and Management Sciences.
  • Received CoMES-CIMA Best Research Award (got 2nd) 2017.
  • Ambassador of the Asian Council of Science Editors (The ACSE) in the year 2016.


Professional Memberships/Fellowship
  • AIMS International
  • Indian Management Teachers' Forum
  • Jharkhand State Productivity Council
  • India Math Education Network