Dr. Mohammad Akhtar

Dr. Mohammad Akhtar

Associate Professor

B.Tech (Mining Engineering)

M.Tech (Industrial Engineering & Management)

Ph.D (Strategic Management)

Area of Specialization

 Strategic Management, Operations and Supply Chain Management

International Journals-

Akhtar M. and Sushil (2018). Strategic Performance Management System in uncertain business environment: An empirical study of the Indian oil industry. Business Process Management Journal, 24(4), 923-942.

Akhtar M. and Sushil (2018). Managing Strategic Performance in dynamic business environment: A study of two Indian oil companies. Global Business and Organizational Excellence, 37(5), 45-60.

Akhtar M. and Mittal R.K. (2015). Implementation Issues and their Impact on Strategic Performance Management System Effectiveness: an empirical study of Indian oil industry. Measuring Business Excellence, 19(2), 71-82.

Akhtar M. and Mittal R.K. (2010). Enterprise Performance Management and Flexibility in upstream oil industry in India. Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management, 11(4),1-10.

National Journals:

Akhtar M., Sushil, and Mittal R.K. (2010). Enterprise Performance Management Maturity: Conceptual Model and Research Issues. Management and Change Journal, 14(2), 79-96.

International Conferences-

Akhtar M. and Mittal R.K. (2012). Business Performance Management, Data Warehouse, Information System Flexibility for business process improvement. Glogift 12 Global Conference, University of Vienna, Austria.

Akhtar M., Mittal R.K. and Sushil (2010). Implementation Issues and Enterprises Performance Management System Effectiveness: case study of Indian upstream oil industry. Glogift 10 Global Conference, Keio University, Japan.

Akhtar M. and Mittal R.K. (2008). Enterprise performance management incorporating flexible framework: A case study of Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. Glogift 08 Global Conference, Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey, USA.  

Book Chapters Published

Akhtar M. and Mittal R.K. (2014). Strategic Flexibility, Information System Flexibility and Enterprise Performance Management. chapter 4 in the book ‘Organisational Flexibility and Competitiveness’ (ed.) Nandakumar M.K., 41-51, Springer, India. 

Akhtar M. and Sushil (2010). Application of Balanced Scorecard for Performance Improvement and Effectiveness in Higher Education. chapter 7 in the book ‘Quality in Higher Education: Means and Ways’, (ed.) Aggarwal V.S. and Aggarwal M., 111-119.