Dr. Pradeep Kumar

Dr. Pradeep Kumar

Dr. Pradeep Kumar

Assistant Professor (Selection Grade)

Career Graph:

  • 5 years in e healthcare Management & Telemedicine
  • 5 years as Teaching ( Govt. Sector)
  • 5 months ( Post Phd as Senior Marketing Consultant)
  • 1 year post PhD Teaching (Marketing)

Academic Background

MCA, MBA, M.Phil. (Management), M. Phil (Inf. Sc.) PG Diploma in Clinical Research, PG Diploma in Hospital & Health Management (NIHFW, Govt. of India), Exe PGDM, PhD (Marketing)- IIM RANCHI.

Honours and Achievements: Selected as Research Analyst - Brain Mapping (Neuromarketing) Project (Govt. of India) of MS Dhoni.

Best Project Award in Marketing Area- IIM Ranchi (2013)

Best Research Paper Award- IIM Lucknow (2018)

Best Research Paper Award- IIM Ahmedabad (2020)

Recent Publications: One paper in A category journal, 3 papers in B category journal, 2 papers in c category and 1 paper in Scopus (Q1) journal.

Books Published: Book Chapters on Neuromarketing and Digital healthcare

Professional Memberships/Fellowship:

Life Member of GIFT (IIT Delhi)

Life member of Information Society (Jharkhand)

Citations: 05

Personal interests: Chess Playing, Poetry, Hindi Songs/Singing, Research (Marketing)