Dr Saurabh Tiwari 

Associate Professor

  • B.Tech (Electronics & Communication), U.P Technical University, Lucknow
  • MMS (Master of Management Studies), Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad (MNNIT)
  • PhD - Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Science & Technology, Allahabad


No. of Papers published in journals: 10
No. of Papers published in conferences: 13
No. of Citations: 56

Area of Specialization:

  • Industry 4.0
  • Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Circular Manufacturing


Research & Publications:

  • Tiwari, S. (2020). Supply Chain Integration and Industry 4.0: a systematic literature review. Benchmarking: An International Journal (ABDC-B)
  • Bangar Raju, T., Ranjan Das, S., Tiwari, S., Kulshrestha, N. (2019). Understanding relationships between charter rates and shipbuilding prices in liquefied natural gas shipping markets. Journal of Applied Economic Sciences, Volume XIV, Spring, 1(63): 92-102. (Scopus)
  • Dubey, Rameshwar; Singh, Tripti; Ali, Sadia Samar, & Tiwari, Saurabh(2015). Contextual relationship among antecedents of truck freight using interpretive structural modelling and its validation using MICMAC analysis, International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management, Vol. 20, No. 1, pg. 42-58 (ISSN: 1742-7967) (Scopus)
  • Tiwari, Saurabh(2015) Framework for adopting Sustainability in the Supply Chain, International Journal of Automation & Logistics (ISSN: 2049-6745)
  • Dubey, Rameshwar; Singh, Tripti; & Tiwari, Saurabh(2012). Supply Chain Innovation is a Key to Superior Firm Performance an Insight from Indian Cement Manufacturing”, International Journal Of Innovation Sciences, Volume 4 · Number 4, pg 217-229(ISSN: ISSN 1757-2223) (Scopus)
  • Dubey, Rameshwar; and Tiwari, Saurabh(2010). “Modeling a Global Supply Chain for a two-wheeler manufacture”, Portuguese Journal Of Management Studies, vol. xv, number 3, (ISSN:0872-528)
  • Dubey, Rameshwar; and Tiwari, Saurabh(2011).“The Vehicle Routing Problems with Backhauls (VRPB) Option: A Customer-Centric Approach”, AIMS International Journal(ISSN:1939-7011)
  • Tiwari, Saurabh et.al.,” The Journey of Lean”, Indian Journal of Commerce & Management Studies, Vol.II Issue 2 (ISSN:2229-5674)
  • Tiwari, Saurabh; Tripathi, Nishi(2012) “Lean Manufacturing Practices and Firms Performance Measurement- A review paper”, Journal of Supply Chain Management & Systems, vol. 1, pg 44-55(ISSN:022-771387)
  • Sohoni S C; Nigam, Ajit; Tiwari, Saurabh & Kumar Sanjay., “Use of Supply Chain Management in line balancing to reduce cycle times & improve productivity”, International Journal of Multidisciplinary approach & studies, vol 2. No. 4 pg 22-26(ISSN:2348-537X)


Book Published :  

Monographs Published:

  • Future Trend in Supply Chain Practices in Cement Industry-Supply Chain Engineering of Cement Industry (ISBN: 978-3-8473-2090-6), Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany.
  • Paperback: 76 pages
  • Publisher: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (December 22, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 3847320904
  • ISBN-13: 978-3847320906

Papers published as chapters in an edited book:

  • Dubey, Rameshwar; Tiwari, Saurabh and Grover, Neha. “TPS is Lean?” at 1st International Conference on Management of Technologies & Information Security at IIIT-Allahabad,21st-24th January 2010 Pg 104-113,  (ISBN: 978-81-8329-875-4)
  •  Tiwari, Saurabh. “Skill Gap in the Indian Logistics Sector” at the International Conference  on Global Competitiveness and Corporate Governance Imperatives in Emerging Economies at Ansal University, 15-16 February 2013, pg 541-548  (ISBN: 978-93-81583-89-0)


Honours and Achievments:

  • Star Faculty Award 2021 - UPES