Faculty Department

Ambika Aggarwal, Assistant Professor

Ambika Aggarwal

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade

B.Tech (Information Technology), Roorkee Institute of Technology

M.Tech (Information Security & Management),  Dehradun Institute of Technology, Dehradun

Ph.D. (Pursuing) Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun

Area of Specialization

Operating System and Cloud Computing

Research and Publications:

Improving Medical Image Segmentation Techniques Using Multiphase Level Set Approach via Bias Correction IJEAT ISSN:2249-8958, Vol-1, Issue-5, June 2012.
A Novel Approach of Text Steganography Based on Null Spaces IOSRJCE ISSN:2278-0661, Vol-3, Issue-4, Jul-Aug 2012
A Security Solution for the Transmission of Confidential Data and Efficient File Authentication Based on DES, AES, DSS and RSA IJITEE ISSN:2278-3075, 
Vol-1, Issue-3, August 2012 
Goodput Enhanced Digital Image Watermarking Scheme Based on DWT and SVD IJAIEM ISSN:2319-4847, Vol-2, Issue-9, Sep 2013
Time Based Detection and Mitigation of Black Hole Attack in WSN Using FBPE and MN-ID Algorithm IJST ISSN 2321 – 919X, Vol 4, Issue 4, April 2016