Faculty Department


Anushree Sah

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade

B.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering), GEIT, Uttarakhand

M.Sc, University of Greenwich, London, UK

Area of Specialization

 Service Oriented Computing, Web Technologies, Cloud Computing

Research & Publications:-  

SAH ANUSHREE, Design, Implementation and Integration of Heterogeneous Applications, IJCA, Volume 54, Number 5, 2012 (0975-8887).
SAH ANUSHREE, An Approach to Enhance the Software and Services of Health Care Centre, Computer Eng. and Intelligent Systems, IISTE, Volume 3, Number 7, 2012 (2222-2863).
SAH ANUSHREE, A Different and Realistic Approach to Inter Base Conversion for Number    System, IJCA, Volume 52, Number 18,2012 (0975-8887).
SAH ANUSHREE, Mathemusic- Number and Notes, A Mathematical Approach to Musical Frequencies, Mathematical theory and Modeling, IISTE, Volume 2, Number 8, 2012 (2225-0522).
SAH ANUSHREE, Tuning of Musical Notes through Mathematics, IJSER, Volume 3, Issue 10, October 2012 (2229-5518).
SAH ANUSHREE , ASCII KS Discrete Matcher: A Different and a New Approach to String Matching using Pattern in Discrete Manner, , IJCA, Volume 56, Number 2, 2012 (0975-8887).
SAH ANUSHREE, Power Summation – A Computer Dimension, IJCA, Volume 58, Number 6, 2012(0975-8887).
SAH ANUSHREE ,   Implementation of Boolean Functions through Multiplexers with the help of Shannon Expansion Theorem, IJCA, Volume 62, Number 6,2013, ISBN( 973-93-80872-25-9). 
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SAH ANUSHREE,  Improving Memory Hierarchy Performance in Synchronous Design, IJARSE, Vol. No.1, Issue No.1, February, 2012, ISSN-2319-8354(E).
SAH ANUSHREE,   An Approach to Integrate Heterogeneous Web Applications IJCA, Volume70, Number 23, 2013, ISBN (0975-8887).
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SAH ANUSHREE, Subtraction in Traditional and Strange number system by r’s and r-1’s Compliments, IJCA, Volume70, Number 23, 2013, ISBN (0975-8887).
SAH ANUSHREE, Calculation of Minimal Cover for n Variable Function Through * (Star Product Operation) and # (Sharp Operation), ICSCTET, August 2014.
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SAH ANUSHREE, Quantitative Apt