Faculty - School of Computer Science

Dr. Thipendra P Singh


  • B.Sc. (PCM), Agra University, Agra 
  • MCA, KNIT Sultanpur
  • M.Tech, UPTU, Lucknow. 
  • Ph.D. (Computer Science), Jamia Millia Islamia Central University, New Delhi 

Area of Specialization

  • Soft Computing, Machine Intelligence, Pattern Recognition

Research & Publications:-

International Journals-

  • T P Singh, Dr. Suraiya Jabin. “Enlargement of Noise Immunity in Bidirectional Associative Memory (BAM) using Genetic Algorithm”, International Journal of Applied Pattern Recognition, Inderscience. (under review)
  • Amit Singh, Somesh Kumar, and T P Singh. "Analysis of Hopfield Associative Memory with Combination of MC Adaptation Rule and an Evolutionary Algorithm". International Journal of Computer Applications 78(11):37-42, September 2013. Published by Foundation of Computer Science, New York, USA                
  • T P Singh, Dr. Suraiya Jabin, “Evolving Connection Weights for Pattern Storage and Recall in Hopfield Model of Feedback Neural Networks using Genetic Algorithm”, International Journal on Soft Computing, Vol. 3, No. 2, pp 55-63, May 2012               
  • T P Singh, Dr. M P Singh, Somesh Kumar, “Performance Analysis of Hopfield Model of Neural Network with Evolutionary Approach for Pattern Recalling”, International Journal of Engineering Science & Technology(IJEST), Vol. 2(4), 504-511, 2010.

International Conferences

  • TP Singh, Dr. Suraiya Jabin, and  Manisha Singh, “Evolving Weight Matrices to increase the Capacity of Hopfield Neural Network Associative Memory using Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm” Proceedings of 2010 IEEE  International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Computing Research (ICCIC) held at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India, ICCIC 2010, art. no. 5705809, pp. 434-438, doi 10.1109/ICCIC.2010.5705809