Faculty Department

Kalpana rangra

Kalpana Rangra

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale

B.Tech, Himachal Pradesh University

M.Tech, Himachal Pradesh University

 Area of Specialization

 Data Mining

International Journals :

Rangra Kalpana, Bansal K.L , “COMPARATIVE STUDY OF DATA MINING TOOLS” ,  International Journal of Advanced Research in  Computer Science and Software Engineering,  Volume 4, Issue 6, June 2014.
Rangra Kalpana, Bansal K.L., “COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF CLASSIFICATION TECHNIQUES FOR ACCURACY ON MULTIVARIATE DATASET”, International Journal of Advance Research in Computer Engineering and Technology, Volume 3, Issue10,October 2014.
Thakur Payal, Rangra Kalpana, “DIGITAL INDIA: OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES”, International Journal of Computer science and Engineering,Volume 4,Issue 6,June 2016.
International Conferences:
Thakur Payal, Rangra Kalpana, “DIGITAL INDIA: OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES”, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON RECENT INNOVATIONS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (RICSIT 2016) held  by University Institute of Information Technology, Himachal Pradesh University himla.www.uiit.ac.in/conference/downloads/sovenirfinal.pdf)