Faculty Department

Kaushik Ghosh

Kaushik Ghosh

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade


B.E., Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology

M.Tech., Jadavpur University

Ph.D., Jadavpur University


Area of Specialization: 

Wireless Sensor Network


Research & Publications: 


International Journals-


Ghosh, Kaushik, and Sarbani Roy. "I-Min: An intelligent Fermat point based energy efficient geographic packet forwarding technique for wireless sensor and ad hoc networks" , International journal on applications of graph theory in wireless ad hoc networks and sensor networks(GRAPH-HOC), vol(2) no(2),2010, pp 34-44.


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International Conferences-


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Detecting and Reporting Forest Fire through Deployment of Three Dimensional Multi-sink Wireless Sensor Network, IoTSIU 2019