Faculty Department

Neeraj Chugh

Neeraj Chugh

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade

M.Sc. (Industrial Instrumentation Design and Maintenance), Kurukshetra University

M.Tech.(Computer Science and Engineering) Kurukshetra University  

Ph.D. (Pursuing) (CSE), Uttrakhand Technical University, Uttrakhand.


Area of Specialization

The database, Data Warehouse, and Data Mining, and Mainframe domain.


Research & Publication

“Knowledge Management a Facilitator for software Process Improvement “published in International Journal of Computer Application (IJCA ). 
International Conferences
International Conference/Presented/Detection and Prevention of Outliers in Resource constraint mobile sensor devices. 
International Conference/Presented/Security Aspects of an RFID -Sensor Integrated low powered devices for Internet-of-Things. 
International Conference/Presented/Outlier Detection in Streaming Data A Research Perspective.
International Conference/The role of Information Technology in Knowledge Management