Faculty Department

Rahul singh

Rahul Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor

B.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) , College of Science and Engineering Jhansi,

Master of Engineering (Software Engineering), Thapar University (Patiala) 
Ph.D. (Pursuing), SLIET, Longowal, (Deemed University) Punjab 

Area of Specialization

Theoretical computer science, Natural language processing, Machine learning

Research & Publications:-  

International Journals-

  • Singh, R.K., and Kumar, A. “A Novel Approach for the Determination of Membership Values of the Strings in Fuzzy Languages”, International Journal of Computer Applications, 100(8), 33-37, August 2014.  
  • Anita., and Singh, R.K., “Comparative analysis of classical finite automata and jumping finite automata”, International journal of applied engineering research, 10(14), 34712 – 34716, 2015.
  • Singh, G., and Singh, R.K., “Evaluation on software reliability approaches”, International journal of applied engineering research, 10(14), 34716 – 34719, 2015. 
  • Singh, H., and Singh, R.K., “Analysis of busy beaver”, International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering, 5(6), 1455-1458, 2015.
  • Sharma, R. and Singh, R.K., “Evaluation of recommender systems from Ancient time to modern era: A Survey”, Indian journal of science and technology, 9(20) 0974-5645.
  • Sharma, R., Vinayak. S., and Singh, R.K., “Guide Me: A Research Work Area Recommender System”, Intelligent Systems and Applications 9 30-37 2016 (Unpaid).
  • Sharma, R., Vinayak. S., and Singh, R.K., “Recommender Systems: From Achievements to Requirements”, International Journal of Engineering Development and Research 4(3) ISSN: 2321-9939. 
  • Vinayak. S., Sharma, R. and Singh, R.K., “MOVBOK: A personalized social network based cross domain recommender system”, Indian Journal of Science and Technology 9(31) 2016.
  • Singh, R., Chuchra. K., and Rani., A., “A Survey on the Generation of Recommender Systems”, I.J. Information Engineering and Electronic Business, 3 26-35 May 2017.
  • Singh, R., Rani, A., and Sachan, M.K., “Fuzzy Automata: A Quantitative Review”, I.J on future revolution in computer science & communication engineering, 3(7) 2454-4248 11-17
International Conferences-
  • Gupta, R., and Singh, R.K., “An Improved Substitution Method for Data Encryption Using DNA Sequence and CDMB”, Third International Symposium on Security in Computing and Communications (SSCC-2015) Springer Conference ISSN 1865:0929, pp 197-206.
  • Vinayak. S., Sharma, R. and Singh, R.K., “A Personalized Social Network Based Cross Domain Recommender System”, intelligent systems technologies and application advance in intelligent systems and computing Springer Conference 2016.
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