Sharad Pratap Sing​h

Doctoral Research Fellow


B.Tech, B.M.A.S., Engineering College Keetham, Agra

M.Tech, Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur


Area of Specialization

Cloud Computing.


Research & Publications:-

 International Journals-

Published a paper titled “Security Configuration and Performance Analysis of     FTP Server” in International Journal of Communication and Computer Technologies    Volume 02- No.3 Issue: 7 November 2014 ISSN NUMBER: 22789723

Published a paper titled “Performance Comparison of FTP Server over Linux and Windows System” in International Journal of Communication and Computer Technologies Volume-02 – No.3 Issue: 06 August 2014   ISSNNUMBER: 2278-9723.

International Conferences:

“A Survey on Internet of Things (IoT): Layer Specific vs. Domain Specific Architecture” in 2nd International Conference on Computer Networks and Inventive    Communication Technologies [ICCNCT2019].

Succinct Data Structures and Big data” in 5th international conference on computational Intelligence and communication and technology (CICT2019)” as second author.

A study on Email Security through Cryptography Techniques in2nd International Conference on Computer Networks and Inventive Communication Technologies [ICCNCT2019] as third author.

Book Published (if any)