Dr. Bhawna Yadav Lamba

Department of Chemistry

Biofuels, Polymers

Dr. Jitendra Kumar Pandey

Department of Chemistry

Chemistry - Organic, Nano Material Processing, Properties of Materials, Polymers & Ceramics, Energy Resources and Conversion, Corrosion Science & Technology / Materials Degradation & its Prevention

Dr. Shailey Singhal

Department of Chemistry

Biogas, catalysis, water purification.

Dr. Kasibhatta S.R. Murth

Department of Chemistry

Heavy metal removal from industrial effluents by adsorption Characterization of biodiesel, Solar Energy

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

Department of Chemistry

Catalysis, Semiconductors, Use of nanoparticles in energy studies and fuels, Electrical, Magnetic, and Structural Properties of Nano Materials, Development of simple, mild and efficient route

Dr. Sravendra Rana

Department of Chemistry

Self-healing composites/coatings, functionalization of carbon nanomaterials (CNT/graphene/C) and their polymer composites, heterogeneous catalysis, electrospinning.

Dr. K. Mohan Reddy

Department of Chemistry

Basic Chemistry, Science (Chemistry) methods, Inorganic Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Electro-organic synthesis, Engineering Chemistry, Water Chemistry, Catalysis, Nanochemistry.

Dr. Shefali Arora

Department of Chemistry

Ion Selective electrodes, Natural Product Chemistry, Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds and their biological activity.

Dr. Shilpi Agarwal

Department of Chemistry

Biodiesel, Catalysis, Water purification, Lubricity

Dr. Tapas Goswami

Department of Chemistry

Laser Spectroscopy

Dr. Mamta Latwal

Department of Chemistry

Nanomaterials, Drug sensors, Catalysis.

Dr. Manjeet Singh

Associate Professor, Department of Physics

Dr. Manjeet recieved Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) award from IIT Roorkee (DST sponsored), India

Dr. Sapna Jain

Department of Chemistry

Organic Synthesis, Antibacterial, Antifungal and Insecticidal Activity, Nanotechnology

Dr. Parteek Prasher

Department of Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Dr. Sushil Kumar

Assistant Professor

He has been awarded Junior and Senior Research Fellowship by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Govt. of India during the Ph.D. program at the Indian Institute of Technology....

Shikha Wadhwa

Assistant Professor, Selection grade

She was part of the core-team in Ion Beam Facility (user facility) project, IUAC, Delhi, India.

Jimmy Mangalam

Assistant Professor

He has worked on Perovskite solar cells and has done his Ph.D. from Institute for Chemistry and Technology of Materials at Technical University of Graz, Austria.