Dr. Sudhir Joshi

Associate Professor


BE.  (Aeronautical Engineering), The Aeronautical Society of India, New Delhi 

ME. (Space Engineering and Rocketry Specialization – Aerodynamics), Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi.

Ph.D. (Aerospace Engineering), University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun.


Area of Specialization:

Aerodynamics and Maintenance and Overhaul Practices


Research and Publications:


Vijay Kumar Patidar*, Rajesh Yadav, Sudhir Joshi, Numerical investigation of the effect of stagger on the aerodynamic characteristics of a Busemann biplane. Original Research Article.Aerospace Science and Technology, Volume 55, August 2016, Pages 252-263. Abstracting and Indexing: Science Citation Index, Current Contents/Engineering, Computing & Technology, Research Alert. SCISEARCH,  Zentralblatt MATH, Scopus. Impact Factor = 1.75.


Sudhir Joshi*, Rajesh Yadav, Ugur Guven, V K Patidar and Ramesh Repaka, Effect of Double disk Aero-spikes on  Aerothermodynamics of Blunt Body at Mach No. 6.2, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Volume 11, Number 01 (2016) pp 366-376.INDEXING: SCOPUS, EBSCO host, GOOGLE Scholar, JournalSeek, J-Gate etc.


Sudhir Joshi*, Rajesh Yadav, Ugur Guven, V K Patidar and Ramesh Repaka, Heat Flux And Drag Reduction Over ABlunt Body By Using Different Aero-Disc Spike At Mach 6.2, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Volume 10, Number 19 (2015) pp 40301-40306. INDEXING: SCOPUS, EBSCOhost, GOOGLE Scholar, JournalSeek, J- Gate etc.


Vijay Kumar Patidar*, Rajesh Yadav, Ugur Guven, and Sudhir Joshi. Performance Enhancement of a 2-D Low Wave Drag Supersonic Busemann Biplane at Off-Design Condition. International Journal of Applied  Engineering Research,Volume 10, Number 19 (2015) pp 40726-40733. INDEXING:  SCOPUS, EBSCOhost, GOOGLE Scholar, JournalSeek, J-Gate etc.

Vijay Kumar Patidar*, Ugur Guven, Rajesh Yadav, and Sudhir Joshi. Effect of Leading Edge and Trailing Edge Radii on a 2-D Low Wave Drag Supersonic Busemann Biplane at Design and Off-Design Condition.  International Journal of Applied     Engineering Research, Volume 10, Number 23 (2015) pp 43850-43858.  INDEXING:  SCOPUS, EBSCOhost, google scholar, JournalSeek, J-Gate etc.


National and International Conference:


Sudhir Joshi*, Rajesh Yadav, Ugur Guven, Ramesh Repaka and V.K Patidar, Numerical Analysis Over A Flat And Flat-Triangular Aero Disk Spiked Blunt Body At Mach Number 6.2,7th Symposium on Applied Aerodynamics And Design of Aerospace Vehicles (SAROD-2015), VSSC, ISRO-Trivandrum.


Ramesh Repaka*, Sudhir Joshi, Rajesh Yadav, Adarsh Baboo Gupta, Prakash S Kulkarni, Ugur Guven, Flow FieldComputations Over Hemispherical, Flat Triangular Disk Spiked Blunt Body At Mach Number 6, 17th Annual CFDSymposium, August 11-12, 2015, National Aerospace Laboratory, Bangalore.


Kamal, S.K. Chaturvedi, S. Joshi, V.K. Patidar,  Mach Number Analysis at Nose-Tip of Scramjet, 24th NICEC, 30 Oct- 1st Nov 2015, UPES Dehradun.


Katyal, M. Sharma, V. Sethi, Heena, S.K. Chaturvedi, S. Joshi, and Vijay Kumar Patidar. Preliminary Study of Aircraft  Dynamics and Performance: High Gust Condition Aspect. Advances in Aerospace Science and Applications, Vol. 03, No.03, pp. 57 - 62,  September 21-22, 2013, New Delhi, India.


Sudhir Joshi, Sudip das, Numerical solution for flow past NACA 0010 Airfoil using Transonic Small Perturbationequation, “The Aeronautical Society of India, Hyderabad” Page 225-230, Dec 15-16, 2003.