Dr. Sudhir Kumar Chaturvedi

Associate Professor

BE  (Aeronautical Engineering), AMAeSI, New Delhi 

MS (RADAR Technology), IIT Madras, Chennai 

Ph.D. (Aerospace Engineering), University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun

Area of Specialization:

Aeronautical Engineering, Avionics, Remote Sensing, RADAR applications in Defence Technologies

Research & Publications:

Journal/Research Papers: 

  • Sudhir Kumar Chaturvedi, U.Guven, P.K. Srivastava (2016) “Measurement of Tsunami Waves Eigen Functions in Deep, Intermediate and Shallower Regions” Current Sciences, Volume 110, No. 12, 2294-2296.
  • Sudhir Kumar Chaturvedi, C.S. Yang, J.H. Song, P. Shanmugam, and K. Ouchi (2011) Retrieval of Spherical Wave Parameters Using SAR Data Observed At Chukk, Micronesia. Korean Journal of Remote Sensing (KJRS), Vol. 27, No. 3, 213-223. 
  • Yang, C.S., Sudhir Kumar Chaturvedi, J.H. Song, and P. Shanmugam (2011), Design of an Integrated System For Ship Detection, Journal Of Korean Society Of Marine And Environmental Engineering (KOSMEE), Vol. 3, 35-37. 
  • Sudhir Kumar Chaturvedi, C.S. Yang, P. Shanmugam, and K. Ouchi (2012) Ship Recognition Using Integration of SAR and AIS. Journal of Navigation, Cambridge University Press, Vol. 65, 323-337. 
  • A. Gupta, S.Jain, S. Srivastava, Sudhir Kumar Chaturvedi, P. K. Nanduri (2014) Estimation of Minimum Power Signal for Target Detection using the Comparative Study of Radar Bands. Journal of Engineering Research and Applications, Special Issue, Vol. 20, 43-45. 
  • G.Choudhary, A.Katyal, V.Sethi, S. Khaneja and Sudhir Kumar Chaturvedi (2014) A Comparative Study of Aircraft Controlling Surfaces: Defense and Commercial Applications. Journal of Engineering Research and Applications, Special Issue, Vol. 20, 61-65. 
  • S. Kukreti, A.Joshi, and  Sudhir Kumar Chaturvedi (2014) Noise Reduction Technique in Synthetic Aperture Radar Datasets using Adaptive and Laplacian Filters. Journal of Engineering Research and Applications, Special Issue, Vol. 20, 38-42. 
  • R. Shukla, S.S. Rathore, S. Khaneja, A.Katyal and  Sudhir Kumar Chaturvedi (2014) Optimization of Drilling Program Using Intelligent Oil Fields: A Preliminary Study. Journal of Engineering Research and Applications, Special Issue, Vol. 20, 41-45. 

International/National Conferences/Proceedings/Symposium:

  • Sudhir Kumar Chaturvedi, Ugur Guven, and Pavan Kumar Nanduri (2012). Retrieval of Ocean Wave Heights Using Synthetic Aperture Radar. 9th IEEE International Symposium On Microwaves (ISM), December 11-14, Bangalore, India. 
  • Abhinav, Henna, Sudhir Kumar Chaturvedi, A Preliminary study of mixed convection in external flows for aeronautical applications, 27th National Convention of Aerospace Engineers, pp. 97,  November 08-09, 2013, Dehradun, India.
  • Sudhir Kumar Chaturvedi, U. Guven, P.Shanmugam, P.K. Nanduri, M.Raja, Retrieval of MTF using SAR: Ocean Wave Imaging Scheme, 9th IEEE International Radar Symposium India, December 12-14, 2013, Bangalore, India.
  • H. Kamal, Sudhir Kumar Chaturvedi, S.Joshi, V.K. Patidar, Mach Number Analysis at Nose-tip of Scramjet, 24th National Conference of IC Engine and Combustion (NCICEC), October 30 to November 01, 2015, 227-229 UPES, Dehradun.
  • S.Bishnoi, H.Kamal, Sudhir Kumar Chaturvedi, and A.Katyal, Calculation of Aircraft Altitude using Datasets: A Basic Study and Implementation of FM Concept. Springer-International Conference on Intelligence, Control & Devices (ICICCD), April 2-3,2016, UPES, Dehradun.