Dr. G Gopalakrishnan

Sr. Associate Professor (DOJ - 21.08.2012,  Regular)

BSc (Applied Sciences), Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai

M.Sc (Applied Chemistry),  Anna University, Chennai 

Ph.D (Heterogeneous Catalysis), Anna University, Chennai

Area of Specialization"

Heterogeneous catalysis, Catalyst Development for Petroleum Refining, Bio-fuels

Research & Publications:

Papers Published in the Journals:

  • Synthesis of zeolite-Y using benzyl triethylammonium chloride as template  G.Gopalakrishnan and V.Krishnasamy Indian Journal of Chemistry., Sec.A., Vol.29A(1990) 1111-1114
  •  Disproportionation of ethylbenzene over zeolite-β: Effect of Lanthanum, Cerium and  Neodymium.  G.Gopalakrishnan and V.Krishnasamy Hungarian Journal of Industrial Chemistry., Vol.22,(1994)117-124
  •  Disproportionation of ethylbenzene over lanthanum exchanged zeolite-β. G.Gopalakrishnan and V.Krishnasamy International series on Chemical Engineering;  Catalysis: Present & Future; Editors P.Kanta Rao and R.S.Beniwal(1994)173-188.

Papers Presented in the Symposium/Workshop: 

  • IR and SEM studies on zeolite catalysts G.Gopalakrishnan and V.Krishnasamy  Fifth national workshop cum seminar on spectroscopic methods in heterogeneous  Catalysis, December 1989, BARC, Bombay.
  • Studies on the dehydration of 2-phenyl ethanol to styrene over H-ZSM-5 and alumina catalysts in the vapor phase. T.Sudarsingh Prabagar, G.Gopalakrishnan, and V.Krishnasamy 
  • Proceedings of the tenth national symposium on catalysis and fourth Indo_Soviet Seminar on catalysis, December 1990, IIT, Madras,pp.514-520.
  • Vapour phase methylation of phenol over H-ZSM-5 G.Venkatasubramanian, G.Gopalakrishnan and V.Krishnasamy Sixth National workshop on catalysis in energy conversion and environment, December 1991, ISM, Dhanbad.
  • Disproportionation of ethylbenzene over lanthanum exchanged zeolite-β G.Gopalakrishnan, V.Krishnasamy Eleventh national symposium on catalysis, April 1993, IICT, Hyderabad.
  • An overview of desulfurization of liquid transportation fuels over modified zeolites Niteen R Yeole, G.Gopalakrishnan and S.J.Chopra CHEMCON 2013, ICT, Mumbai, December 2013.
  • Comparison between template-assisted and OSDA-free synthesis of ZSM-12 and Zeolite Beta Vaidish Sumaria and G.Gopalakrishnan SCHEMCON-2014, Hadia Institute of Technology, September 2014