Dr. Satish Kommoji

Dr. Satish Kommoji

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade

B.Tech (Chemical Engg.), JNTU, Hyderabad

M.Tech (Chemical Engg.), SV University, Tirupati

Ph.D (Polymer Science and Engg.) IIT Delhi

Area of Specialization

 Polymer Processing, Polymer Rheology and Adsorption

Research & Publication

P. Shyam Kumar, G.Kiran Kumar, Satish Kommoji, Ritima Banerjee and Anup K Ghosh, Thermoforming of thick Polypropylene sheets: The effect of material characteristics & mold parameters, Journal of Plastic Film & Sheeting 2014, Vol. 30 (2) 162–180.

Satish Kommoji, Ritima Banarjee, Naresh Bhatnagar and Anup K Ghosh, Studies on the stretching behaviour of medium gauge high impact polystyrene sheets during positive thermoforming. Journal of Plastic Film and Sheeting 2015, Vol. 31, 96-112. 

International Conferences

Satish Kommoji, Naresh Bhatnagar and Anup.K.Ghosh, Optimization of thermoforming process by hot tensile tests, Asian Polymer Association (APA-2009), December 17-20, 2009, Delhi

Satish Kommoji, Naresh Bhatnagar, Anup.K.Ghosh and Rajeev Bhasargekar,  Thermoformability of polyolefin sheets: The influence of process and mold parameters, The Polymer Processing Society (PPS-26), 26th annual meeting- Banff, Canada. 

Satish Kommoji, Naresh Bhatnagar, Anup.K.Ghosh and Rajeev Bhasargekar, Thermoformability analysis of polypropylene sheets for deep draw applications, APA conference, 26-27 November, 2010, Chandighar.

Satish Kommoji, Ritima Banarjee and Anup K Ghosh, Studies on thermoforming of medium gauge HIPS sheets, proceedings AWPP conference, December 2013.