Faculty Department

Dr. Satish Kommoji

Dr. Satish Kommoji

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade (DOJ - 25.08.2015, Regular)

B.Tech (Chemical Engineering), JNTU, Hyderabad

M.Tech (Chemical Engineering), SV University, Tirupati

Ph.D. (Polymer Science & Engineering), IIT Delhi

Area of Specialization:

 Polymer Processing, Polymer Rheology, and Adsorption


  • Contribution: 3 Journal papers

Research & Publication:

  • P. Shyam Kumar, G.Kiran Kumar, Satish Kommoji, Ritima Banerjee and Anup K Ghosh, Thermoforming of thick Polypropylene sheets: The effect of material characteristics & mold parameters, Journal of Plastic Film & Sheeting 2014, Vol. 30 (2) 162–180.
  • Satish Kommoji, Ritima Banarjee, Naresh Bhatnagar and Anup K Ghosh, Studies on the stretching behavior of medium gauge high impact polystyrene sheets during positive thermoforming. Journal of Plastic Film and Sheeting 2015, Vol. 31, 96-112. 
  • Satish Kommoji, M.Gopinath, Polinati Satya Sagar, D.Yuvaraj, J.Iyyappan, A.Jaya Varsha, Varsha Sunil, Lipid bioproduction from delignified native grass (Cyperus distans) hydrolysate by Yarrowia lipolytica, Journal of Bio resource Technology, 2021, Vol. 324.

International Conferences:

  • Satish Kommoji, Naresh Bhatnagar and Anup.K.Ghosh, Optimization of the thermoforming process by hot tensile tests, Asian Polymer Association (APA-2009), December 17-20, 2009, Delhi
  • Satish Kommoji, Naresh Bhatnagar, Anup.K.Ghosh and Rajeev Bhasargekar,  Thermoformability of polyolefin sheets: The influence of process and mold parameters, The Polymer Processing Society (PPS-26), 26th annual meeting- Banff, Canada. 
  • Satish Kommoji, Naresh Bhatnagar, Anup.K.Ghosh and Rajeev Bhasargekar, Thermoformability analysis of polypropylene sheets for deep draw applications, APA conference, 26-27 November, 2010, Chandighar.
  • Satish Kommoji, Ritima Banarjee and Anup K Ghosh, Studies on thermoforming of medium gauge HIPS sheets, proceedings AWPP conference, December 2013.

Personal interests:

Playing and watching cricket