Faculty Department

G. Saradha Devi

G. Saradha Devi

Doctoral Research Fellow (DOJ - 05.09.2016, Contractual)

B.Tech (Chemical Engineering), ANNA University

M.Tech (Refining & Petrochemical Engineering), University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun

Area of Specialization:

 Refining Process Technology, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Process Modeling and Simulation, Multi-Objective Optimization. 

Research & Publications: 

International Conferences:

Saradha Devi G, ChandraMouli Kotikalapudi, Dae Kun Hwang, Ajay K Dalai, S.J.Chopra, D.N.Saraf. Effect of Chelated metal Complexes as precursors using NiMo/Al-SBA 15 catalysts for Light Gas Oil Hydrotreatment, 61st Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference (CSCHE), London, Ontario, October 2011.(ORAL) 

National Conferences:

  • Saradha Devi G, Kapil Soni, Ajay K Dalai, S.J.Chopra, D.N.Saraf.  "Influence of Chelating Agents on the Hydrotreating Performance of NiMo/ZrSBA-15 Catalysts for Light Gas Oil" at CHEMCON 2016 (December 27-30) Organized by IICHE-CRC. 
  • Saradha Devi G, S J Chopra, D N Saraf. "Multi-objective optimization of Refinery Processes using Genetic Algorithm” organized by IICHE – KRC(November 13-14, 2009) 

Awards and Achievements:

Canadian Commonwealth Fellowship (2011)