Sukanchan Palit

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade (DOJ - 16.07.2012, Regular)

B.Tech (Chemical Engineering), Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Master's (Chemical Engineering), Jadavpur University, Kolkata

PGDM (Business Management), All India Institute of Management Studies, Chennai, 

PGDM (Human Resource Development), All India Institute of Management Studies, Chennai

PGDM (Environmental Management System & ISO 14000/14001), All India Institute of Management Studies, Chennai

Area of Specialization

Environmental Engineering, Multi-objective optimization, Chemical reaction engineering, Advanced oxidation processes, Ozonation

Research & Publication:

  • Advanced oxidation processes, nanofiltration and application of bubble column reactor.  Book-Nanomaterials for environmental protection, John Wiley,New York.  Edited by Boris.I.Kharissov, OxanaKharissova, H.V.Rasika Dias, ISBN-978-1-118-49697-8,January,2015(pages-207-215)
  • Frontiers of nanoelectrochemistry and application of nanotechnology-a vision for the future.  Book – Handbook of Nanoelectrochemistry-Electrochemical Synthesis Methods, Properties and Characterization Techniques,Springer International  Publishing, Switzerland .Published online June,2015, Editors-Mahmud Aliofkhazraei(Iran), Mahmud Aliofkhazraei(Iran), Salam Hamdy Makhlouf(USA), ISBN:978-3-319-5266-0, Pages-1329-1347
  • Frontiers of engineering and science of nanofiltration- a far-reaching review.  Book-(CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Nanotechnology, Taylor and Francis),Editors- Boris Kharrisov, Submitted.(Editors Boris Ildusovich Kharissov, Oxana Vasilievna Kharissova, Ubaldo Ortiz-Mendez), CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida, USA, ISBN13: 978-1466580343.(2016)(pages-205-213)
  •  Advanced environmental engineering separation processes, environmental analysis and application of nanotechnology: a far reaching review, BOOK-Advanced environmental analysis- application of nanomaterials, Royal Society of Chemistry RSC Detection Science,U.K.(pages 377-417)Editors- Chaudhery Mustansar Hussein, Boris Kharisov.(Volume-1)Date of publication- 14th November,2016.
  • Application of nanotechnology, nanofiltration and drinking and wastewater treatment-a vision for the future, Water Purification, 1st Edition, Elsevier,(The series-Nanotechnology in the agri-food industry, Editor of the series-Alexandru .Grumezescu)(pages 587-619)Date of publication-12 January,2017.
  • Desalination, global water shortage and future vision of environmental engineering science-a critical overview, Chapter 101, Advanced Engineering-current perspectives, Research India Publications, New Delhi, India.(SCOPUS INDEXED) Editor-Rajeev Ahuja.(Date of publication-2016)

International Conferences: 

  • Membrane separation processes and reverse osmosis of wastewater treatment and desalination-a far-reaching review, CHEMCON 2012, Indian Chemical Engineering Congress, National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, 27th-30th Dec,2012, Sukanchan Palit.
  • Sukanchan Palit, A short overview of nanofiltration associated with advanced oxidation process as an effective separation technique in environmental engineering science, National Conference on Separation Techniques in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, TECHNOSCAPE,13, Vellore Institute of Technology University, Vellore, India, 22nd-23rd August 2013.
  • Sukanchan Palit, The vision of the application of the genetic algorithm in designing fluidized catalytic cracking unit-an overview.9th International symposium on fuels and lubricants, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, R&D Faridabad, India, April-15-17,2014.
  • Sukanchan Palit, Global Petroleum refining industry, Production of fuels and environmental Pollution Control-A far-reaching overview,9th International symposium on fuels and lubricants, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, R&D Faridabad, India, April-15-17,2014.
  • Sukanchan Palit, Shivam Yadav, Saurabh Sengar, Chandan Purohit, Ozone-oxidation of industrial wastewater and future of industrial pollution control-a broad environmental perspective and a far-reaching review, 3rd International Conference on Bioenergy, Environment and Sustainable Technologies, BEST,2017,Department of Biotechnology, Arunai Engineering College,Tiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu, 23-25 January,2017.