Dr. S.Vamsi Krishna

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade

B Tech. (Electrical & Electronics Engineering), JNTU Hyderabad

Ph.D. (Power Systems)), IIT (ISM) Dhanbad

Area of Specialization:

Electrical Engineering

Research & Publication:

  • Patent:“Contactless Emergency Lighting and Communication System with Axial Portability for Underground Mines” Journal of Patent, Patent Office, Govt. of India, Journal No. 06/2014, Published on  07/02/2014, App. no. 1470/KOL/2013, PP.19.
  • “LEDs Lighting Arrangements for Underground Mines”, Telkomnika Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering (IAES), vol.15, no.1, pp. 14-19, July 2015.
  • “Post Disaster Illumination for Underground Mines”, Telkomnika Indonesian journal of Electrical Engineering (IAES), vol.13, no.3, pp. 425-430,  March 2015.
  • “Shedding Light on the Mine Site”, Australasian Mine Safety Journal (AMSJ), Issue no. 18, Oct 2013, pp. 42-45.
  • “Evolution of Efficient Lighting System in Underground Mines”, Journal of Indian School of Mines (JISM), vol.1, 2012, pp. 07-14

International Conferences:

  • “Stand Alone Effective Lighting System using Defective Fluorescent Tube Light for Haul Road”, Proceedings of IEEE, International Conference on Control, Instrumentation, Energy & Communication (CIEC) 2014, pp. 406-410.
  • “Modulation Techniques for Power Line Communications”, Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Engineering & Applied Science (ICEAS 2013), March 2013, pp. 1331-1337.
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  • “Haul Roads Lighting System for Open Cast Mine using Green Energy”, Proceedings of International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientist (IMECS 2012), March 2012, pp. 987-990.

National Conferences:

  • "Study on Coupling Techniques for Power Line Communications”, E-Proceedings of IET-UK, Michael Faraday IET India Summit, Nov 2012, pp. 163-167.
  • “Energy Efficient Stand-Alone Lighting System for Surface Mine haul Roads”, Proceedings of National Seminar on Mining Equipment (MENTCA), Jan 2012, pp. 269-276.
  • “A Review on Power Line Communications”, Proceedings of National Seminar on Frontiers in electronics, Communications, Instrumentation and Information technology (FECIIT), Nov, 2011, pp.53"