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Dr. Rajnish Garg Professor

Dr. Rajnish Garg

Professor (DOJ - 05.01.2010, Regular)

B.E.  Mechanical Engineering, IIT Roorkee

M.E. Metallurgical Engineering, IIT Roorkee

Ph.D. Materials Engineering, IIT Roorkee

Post Doctorate (Materials Technology - TU Delft), The Netherlands

Area of Specialization:

Materials Engineering

Research & Publication:

  • The Effect Of Heat Treatment Of Tio2 Nanoparticles On Photovoltaic Performance Of Fabricated Discs, Journal Of Materials Engineering And Performance Optimization Of Tribological Behavior Of Pongamia Oil Blends As An Engine Additive, Green Processing And Synthesis, Vol. 5, Issue 55.
  • Condition Monitoring Of A Diesel Engine Fueled With A Blend Of Diesel, Biodiesel, And Butanol Using Engine Oil Analysis, Vol 6 Issue 3-4
  • Tribological Behavior Of Pongamia Oil As A Lubricant Additive, Energy Sources: Part A. Recovery, Utilization and Environmental Effects
  • Analysis Of Single Flow Line Multi-Stage Multi-Product Pull Control Systems, Journal Of Scientific And Industrial Research: A Review Of Biofuel Generated Contamination engine Oil Degradation And Engine Wear, Biofuels.
  • Condition Assessment Study Of A-286 Alloy Gas Turbine, Journal Of Failure Analysis And Prevention, Springer, Asm International Microstructure And Wear Behaviour Of Al-Al2o3 Institute Composites Fabricated By The Reaction Of V2o5 Particles In Pure Aluminum, Volume 4,Issue 6
  • Aspects Of Non-Edible Vegetable Oil-Based Bio-Lubricant In The Automotive Sector, Green, Walter De Gruyter Publication : Effect Of Butanol On Performance And Emission Of A Compression Ignition Engine Fueled With Diesel Butanol Blends, 24th Ncicec At UPES, Dehradun, 30 Oct- 1 NOV, 15
  • Comparative Tribological Investigation On En 31 With Pongamia And Jatropha As Lubricant Additives, Energy Sources: Part A. Recovery, Utilization And Environmental Effects
  • Effect Of Kanban In The Performance Of Conwip, Kcs And Ekcs, International Journal Of Scientific And Engineering Research (Ijser), Volume 4, Issue10

National Conferences:
Effect of Butanol on performance and emission analysis of a compression ignition engine fuelled with Diesel -Butanol blends, 24th National Conference on I.C. Engines and Combustion, UPES and CIIS, 30th Oct-1st Nov 2015

Ph.D. Guidance

11 (completed)     - Role: First Guide

02 (ongoing)         - Role: First Guide

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Conference paper                               : 03
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