Faculty Department

Geetanjali Raghav

Geetanjali Raghav

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade

B.Tech. (Industrial & Production Engineering), Dehradun Institute of Technology

M.Tech. (Thermal Engineering), Dehradun Institute of Technology

Area of Specialization:

Renewable Energy, Thermal Engineering, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Sustainability

Research & Publication:

  • Raghav, Geetanjali; Nagpal, Mohit Nagpal; ", Performance Investigation and Optimisation of Low-Temperature Sensible Heat Solar Energy StorageSystem, International Journal of Renewable Energy Research (IJRER),5,3,903-909,2015.
  • "Kalra, Jasmeet; Raghav, Geetanjali*i; Nagpal, Mohit; ","Parametric study of stratification in packed bed sensible heat, solar energy storage system", Applied Solar Energy,52,4,259-264,2016, Springer.
  • "Jaunet, Paolo; Kunwer, Ram, Raghav, Geetanjali; ", Numerical analysis of thermal energy storage system using packed-bed,"Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects",,,1-12,2019, Taylor & Francis.
  • "Pitta, Praveen; Raghav, Geetanjali; Patel, Amit; ", USING 3-D MODELLING AND SIMULATION-OPTIMIZING THE PERFORMANCE OF COMPOSITE WIND TURBINE BLADES,Indian Journal of Scientific Research,,,296-310,2018, Global Academic Society.
  • "Kalura, Paras; Kashyap, Susheem; Sharma, Vishal; Raghav, Geetanjali; Kalra, Jasmeet; ", Performance Analysis and Optimization of Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System Using Different Working Fluid Pairs, Harmony Search and Nature Inspired Optimization Algorithms,,,527-537,2019, Springer.


  • Presented a paper titled “Performance analysis of high-temperature Solar energy storage systems”at IIT Bombay December 12-14 at ICAER 2017. (Paper accepted to be published in SOLAR ENERGY Proceedings).
  • Presented a Paper “HEAT OPTIMIZATION OF A SHELL AND HEAT TUBE EXCHANGER USING SOLIDWORKS AND ANSYS” in International Conference on “Advances in Refrigeration & Energy Systems-2018(ICARES - 2018)”.
  • Presented a paper titled” effect of sky temperature on the performance of box-type solar cooker” in The International Conference on Innovative Applied Energy (IAPE’19) 14-15 March 2019, in the King's Centre, Oxford, United Kingdom.
  • Presented a paper titled” ANALYSIS AND OPTIMIZATION OF OWNERSHIP MODELS FOR POVERTY ERADICATION AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” in Eradicating Poverty through Energy Innovation: Harnessing Sustainable Energy Transitions from Human Thriving workshop at ASU(Arizona state university) (US) on 12th to 14th February 2018.
  • Presented a paper titled "DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF SUSPENSION SYSTEM FOR A FORMULA STYLE CAR" in national conference on recent innovations in emerging technology and science "at JBIT on 3rd march .2017.
  • Presented a paper on “Energy and Exergy Analysis of Multiple V-Ribs Solar Air Heater” in “International Conference on Nano for Energy and Water (NEW) 2017 and Indo French Workshop on Water Networking”, Feb 22- 24, UPES, Dehradun.
  • Presented a paper on “Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of NACA 4412 AIRFOIL” at National seminar on emerging trends on manufacturing and automation engineering (NSMAE-2016) ) at AMITY University Madhya Pradesh.
  • Presented a paper on “Design of Solar Air Heating System Using F-Chart Method” at National seminar on emerging trends on manufacturing and automation engineering (NSMAE-2016) ) at AMITY University Madhya Pradesh (AUMP).
  • Presented a paper on “Design and Analysis of Large Scale Solar Hot Water System” at National seminar at Graphic Era hill university.
  • Presented a paper on “PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS OF ROCK BED STORAGE SYSTEM” at the conference “ENERSTATE 2012” at SCE, Dehradun.
  • Attended 2 days workshop on “ application of Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST), Solar Roof Top & Solar Wind Hybrid technologies in the Industrial & other Sectors in Uttarakhand” : 12 January 2015, Haridwar.
  • Attended 3 days Workshop on witness simulation technique at DIT Dehradun.
  • Attended 5-day seminar on renewable energy technologies at NITTTR, Chandigarh


  • Energy Audit of 13 Villages to make them Energy Efficient Village [UREDA].
  • Improvement of Energy Efficiency in the drinking Water Supply of Uttarakhand, India.
  • The activity carried out - Performance Analysis and Energy Audit of Multi-Stage Centrifugal Motor Pumpset in Tehri, Chamba and Narendra Nagar District, Uttarakhand [Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan.]