Ishan Aggarwal

Assistant Professor (DOJ - 06.07.2015, Regular)


B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering), Kurukshetra University

M.Tech (Machine Design), NIT, Kurukshetra


Area of Specialization:

CAE, Machine Design


National Conferences:


Aggarwal, I., Bhushan, G., & Chandna, P. (2015). Linear Static Structure, Analysis of Military Eye and Reinforced Eye Ends of Parabolic Leaf Spring. Proceedings of the 5th National Conference on Recent Advances in Manufacturing, Surat, 308-313


Aggarwal, I., Bhushan, G., & Chandna, P. (2015). Static Structure Analysis of SUP11A Multi-Leaf Symmetrical Parabolic Leaf Spring. International Bulletin of Mathematical Research, 2(1), 229-225, National conference on mathematical Analysis and Computation, Jaipur.