Prashant Shukla

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade

B.E. (Mechanical Engineering), Chhatrapati Shivaji Institute of Technology, Durg

M.Tech (Design Engineering), Karunya Institute of Technology, Coimbatore

Area of Specialization:

Machine Design,


Renewable Energy & Solid Waste Management

Research & Publications:

  • “Experimental investigation of lab scaled sink & float based segregation process for mixed municipal solid waste” accepted in Int. Journal of Environment and Waste Managment
  • “Unsegregated Municipal Solid Waste in India – Current Scenario, Challenges and Way-forward” accepted to be published in Nature Environment and Pollution Technology.
  •  “Design Optimization of an Automotive Fuel Tank for the Minimization of Evaporative Losses of Gasoline Due to Thermal Conduction: Experimental & Analytical Approach” Chemical Engineering Transaction, 2018 Dec, Italian Association of Chemical Engineering – AIDIC
  • -“Magnetization of Diesel fuel for Compression Ignition Engine to Enhance Efficiency and Emissions” International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, 2018July, Research India publication.
  •   “Noise and Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Gear” International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, 2018July, Research India publication. 
  • - “Comparative study of factors affecting man & material flow generated due to non-ergonomically designed manual material handling systems in industries” in International Journal of Innovative Research and Studies (ISSN: 2319 – 9725), Vol. 2 Issue 9. 


  • A system for monitoring snd maintaining air pressure in vehicles
  • Active Safety system for the vehicle passing through stagnant and flowing water there of
  • System for generation of electricity from the rotating wheel assembly of an Automotive vehicle
  • An implementation of On-board diagnostics of Prefailure in Clutch and Brake wires
  • Implementing of wheel alignment monitoring system and there of
  • Numeric Fuel Indicator
  • System and Method to prevent an Accident from a sudden Door opening of Vehicle
  • Retrofit system to convert a sequential manual transmission into a semiautomatic transmission
  • On-board diagnostic system to detect adulterants in gasoline and provide a quantified value of adulterants
  • A vehicle collision avoidance system
  • A mixed municipal waste segregation system
  • A caliper disc brake assembly
  • An accident detection system and method