Ram Kunwer

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade

B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering), KIET

M.Tech (Industrial Tribology and Maintenance Engineering), IIT Delhi

Area of Specialization:

Thermal Engineering

Research & Publications:

  • Jaunet, P., Kunwer, R. & Raghav, G. Numerical analysis of thermal energy storage system using packed-bed. Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects 1–12 (2019).
  • Kunwer, R., Shukla, P. & Bhurat, S. S. Noise and Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Gear. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 13, 7–12 (2018).
  • Bhurat, S. S. et al. Magnetization of Diesel fuel for Compression Ignition Engine to Enhance Efficiency and Emissions. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 13, 341–347 (2018).
  • Shukla, P., Kunwer, R. & Bhurat, S. S. Design Optimization of an Automotive Fuel Tank for the Minimization of Evaporative Losses of Gasoline Due to Thermal Conduction: Experimental & Analytical Approach. Chemical Engineering Transactions 71, 1393–1398 (2018).
  • Marcot, Q. & Kunwer, R. Numerical analysis of phase change material (PCM) for concentrated solar power (CSP) application. International Journal of Ambient Energy 1–9 (2019).