Ram Kunwer

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade


B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering), KIET

M.Tech (Industrial Tribology and Maintenance Engineering), IIT Delhi


Area of Specialization:

Thermal Engineering


Research & Publications:


Jaunet, P., Kunwer, R. & Raghav, G. Numerical analysis of thermal energy storage system using packed-bed. Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects 1–12 (2019).


Kunwer, R., Shukla, P. & Bhurat, S. S. Noise and Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Gear. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 13, 7–12 (2018).


Bhurat, S. S. et al. Magnetization of Diesel fuel for Compression Ignition Engine to Enhance Efficiency and Emissions. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 13, 341–347 (2018).


Shukla, P., Kunwer, R. & Bhurat, S. S. Design Optimization of an Automotive Fuel Tank for the Minimization of Evaporative Losses of Gasoline Due to Thermal Conduction: Experimental & Analytical Approach. Chemical Engineering Transactions 71, 1393–1398 (2018).


Marcot, Q. & Kunwer, R. Numerical analysis of phase change material (PCM) for concentrated solar power (CSP) application. International Journal of Ambient Energy 1–9 (2019).