Faculty Department

Dr. Anil kumar

Dr. Anil Kumar

Adjunct Professor 

BSc (Chemistry, Zoology, Botany), Meerut University, Utter Pradesh

MSc(Chemistry), Meerut University Utter Pradesh

Ph.D. (Chemistry), University of Rajasthan, Rajasthan  

Area of Specialization:

Reservoir Engineering

Research & Publication:

International Journals:

  • Derives Stanniques De L’Heptanetrione-2, 4, 6, Bull. De La Soc. Chem, France, 1-2, 46, (1983). 
  • Some Novel Triorganotin (IV) Derivatives of β, σ Triketones, Polyhedron Great Britain, Vol. 2, No 9, pp. 907-916, 1983.
  • β, σ Triketonates Derivatives of n-Butyltin (IV) and Their Pridine Adducts, Synth. React. Inorg. Met.Org. Chem., Marcel Dekker, Inc, New York, 15(7), 907-921 (1985).
  • An integrated approach for the development of KG offshore marginal fields, Society of Petroleum Engineers, SPE 129016-PP Copyright 2010.
  • Analysis of CO2 Swelling and Modeling of PVT Properties of Reservoir Fluid of an Onland Field of Gujarat, India, CMTC-439520-MSCarbon Management Technology Conference, Texas, USA, 2015.

International Conferences:

  • Technological Options for recovering Heavy Crude Oil Petrotech-95, 1995.
  • Engineering Applications of Phase Behavior Studies, Petrotech-99, 1999.
  • Safety and Environment Management in the Petroleum Industry, Petrotech-99, 1999.
  • Frozen Hydrate for the transport of Natural Gas- an Alternate to LNG, Petrotech-01, 2001.
  • Value Added Utilization of Natural Gas Petrotech-03, 2003.
  • Monitoring of Gas Lift Wells for Lift Optimization, Liftech-2006.
  • Application of Phase Behavior studies in Reservoir characterization, AAPG, 2006.
  • Analyses of Performance of Gas Lift Cycle in the wells on Intermittent Gas Lift, Petrotech-07, 2007.
  • Sub surface pressure survey to analyze the performance of intermittent gas- lift, Petrotech-09, 2009.
  • Sand consolidation by chemical treatment using indigenously developed chemicals, Petrotech, 2014.