Dr. Anil Kumar

Dr. Anil Kumar

Adjunct Professor (equiv - Professor)strong>

BSc (Chemistry, Zoology, Botany), Meerut University, Utter Pradesh

MSc(Chemistry), Meerut University Utter Pradesh

Ph.D (Chemistry), University of Rajasthan, Rajsathan  

Area of Specialization

Reservoir Engineering

International Journals-

Derives Stanniques De L’Heptanetrione-2, 4, 6, Bull. De La Soc. Chem, France, 1-2, 46, (1983). 

Some Novel Triorganotin (IV) Derivatives of β, σ Triketones, Polyhedron Great Britain, Vol. 2, No 9, pp. 907-916, 1983.

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Analysis of CO2 Swelling and Modeling of PVT Properties of Reservoir Fluid of an Onland Field of Gujarat, India, CMTC-439520-MSCarbon Management Technology Conference, Texas, USA, 2015.

International Conferences-

Technological Options for recovering Heavy Crude Oil Petrotech-95, 1995.

Engineering Applications of Phase Behavior Studies, Petrotech-99, 1999.

Safety and environment Management in Petroleum Industry, Petrotech-99, 1999.

Frozen Hydrate for transport of Natural Gas- an Alternate to LNG, Petrotech-01, 2001.

Value Added Utilization of Natural Gas Petrotech-03, 2003.

Monitoring of Gas Lift Wells for Lift Optimization, Liftech-2006.

Application of Phase Behavior studies in Reservoir characterization, AAPG, 2006.

Analyses of Performance of Gas Lift Cycle in the wells on Intermittent Gas Lift, Petrotech-07, 2007.

Sub surface pressure survey to analyze the performance of intermittent gas- lift, Petrotech-09, 2009.

Sand consolidation by chemical treatment using indigenously developed chemicals, Petrotech, 2014.