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Dr. Annapurna Boruah, Assistant Professor

Dr. Annapurna Boruah

Assistant Professor-SG

No. Papers published in journals: 15

No. Papers presented in conferences: 15

No. Citations: 110

Academic Background (Degrees, University Name & Year of Passing):

  • PhD |2015 | The M S University of Baroda, Gujarat
  • MSc. Tech| Petroleum Geology|2010| The M S University of Baroda
  • B. Sc. (Geology Hons.) | 2008| Gauhati University Assam
  • Post-Doctorate| Mining Engineering | IIT Kharagpur (pursuing)

Career Graph:

Dr. Boruah worked as research scientist in Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute during 2013-2016. She received her doctorate degree in 2015 for the thesis entitled “Unconventional Shale Gas Resources of Barren Measures Formation in Raniganj Field, India” from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. She has experience of working on exploration data of Cambay Basin, Krishna Godavari basin, Assam Arakan Basin, Damodar Basins, Indonesia, etc. Dr Boruah has many research paper publications in international journals, she presented her papers at many international forums and she has many collaborative projects to her credit. Drilling and Exploration World journal featured her in the cover page in January 2020 issue, as “inspiring woman in oil & gas”.

Honours and Achievements:

  • DST SERB International Travel Grant | 2020 [Govt. of India]
  • Cover feather of “Drilling and Exploration World” magazine January 2020 issue, as inspiring women in Oil and Gas.
  • Mentor of American Association of Petroleum Geologist (AAPG) Women Networking [since2020]
  • Certificate of recognition (2020) from American Association of Petroleum Geologist.
  • Recognition (2020) from Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationist.
  • Keynote speaker of International conference ICPC 2020
  • Keynote speaker of International workshop on Unconventional Resources: shale & CBM exploitation 2020
  • Convener of “Global Geoscience and Petroleum Students’ Training|2021”.
  • Convener of International Workshop “Unconventional Resources: Shale Gas, CBM Exploration and Exploitation” 2020
  • Convener and instructor of MDP on “Shale Gas Exploration Techniques” for industry professionals of EOGEPL, April2020
  • Convener of eCBM Symposium|2020
  • Keynote speaker of Unconventional Asia Gas Summit 2014
  • GERMI Research fellowship 2011-2013
  • The M S University Merit scholarship for doctoral study 2010


  • Contribution: shale gas & CBM exploration; sedimentology; petroleum geochemistry; petrophysics; ASP enhanced gas recovery; geochemical and microbial prospecting for hydrocarbon prospect identification; well log interpretation for conventional and unconventional reservoirs; geological modelling. Worked for many sedimentary basins including Cambay Basin, Krishna Godavari basin, Assam Asakan Basin, Damodar Basins, Indonesia, etc.
  • Interest: Basin dynamics, sequence stratigraphy; CO2 sequestration; EOR.

Recent Publications:

  • Satahkopan & Annapurna Boruah (2020) Gas Hydrate instability and Environmental concern. International Journal on Emerging Technologies 11(5): 56-61 [ IF 3.1]
  • Book Chapter- Surface tension; Nova publication, 2020
  • Annapurna Boruah and S Ganapathi (2019) Surface area and Pore size distribution of SHALES of Raniganj Basin, India, Journal of petroleum exploration and production technology, springer publication, v10 , December issue. [ IF 1.2]
  • MA Rasheed, PL Srinivasa Rao, Annapurna Boruah, Syed Zaheer Hasan, Bougi Mohamoud Mohamed Seddik (2016) Integrated geo-microbial and trace metal anomalies for detection of hydrocarbon microseepage in Ahmedabad block of Cambay basin, India, Journal of the Geological Society of India 88 (4), 433-439 [IF 2]
  • Annapurna Boruah, Sumit Verma, Gaurab Gairola, Abdul Rasheed, Surface Geochemical and Microbial Processes for micro seepage analysis in Himalayan Foreland basin, India
  • AnnapurnaBoruah & S. Ganapathi (2015) Organic richness, thermal maturity and gas generation potential of Barren Measures shale of Raniganj Field, West Bengal, India. Journal of earth system science, volume 124, No5, July [IF1.5]
  • Annapurna Boruah & S. Ganapathi (2015) Microstructure and pore system characterization of Barren Measures shales of Raniganj Field, India. Journal of Natural Gas science and engineering, 26 (2015) 427-437.[IF 4]
  • Annapurna Boruah & S. Ganapathi (2015) Application of Microcomputer Tomography in Resolving Barren Measures shale properties of Raniganj Field, India. International Journal of science and engineering Research, Volume 6, Issue 4, April-2015. [IF 3]
  • M. A. Rasheed., P.L.Srinivasa Rao., Annapurna Boruah., Syed ZaheerHasan., V.Sudarshan., B. Kumar., and T. Harinarayana (2015). Application of Geo-Microbial Prospecting Method for Finding Oil and Gas Reservoirs. Frontiers of Earth Sciences, 9 (1): pp 40–50 [IF 2]
  • M. A. Rasheed, P. L. Srinivasa Rao., Harshit Patel, Shubhangi Kala, Annapurna Boruah., Syed ZaheerHasan., P.H. Rao, T.Harinarayana (2015). Identification of Hydrocarbon Microseepage Using Trace Metal Indicators in Petroliferous Region of South Cambay Basin, Gujarat, India. International Journal of Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering, Vol 1, No. 1, pp 12-19.
  • M. A. Rasheed, P.L.Srinivasa Rao, B. Annapurna, Syed Zaheer Hasan (2015). Implication of Soil Gas Method for Prospecting of Hydrocarbon Microseepage. International Journal of Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering, Vol 1, No. 1, pp 31-41.

International Conferences

  • Goldschmidth conference 2019 Barcelona, Spain
  • International conference PETROTECH 2019, New Delhi.
  • 4th South Asian Conference GEO INDIA 2018, New Delhi.
  • GEO-India conference 2015, New Delhi.
  • 2nd Unconventional Gas Summit Asia 2014, New Delhi, India
  • International shale gas workshop, Jan' 2013, NGRI Hyderabad
  • 3rd Shale Gas India conference, New Delhi.
  • Goldsmith 2013, Italy (conference proceeding)
  • AAPG annual conference 2013, Pittsburgh (abstract)
  • World petrocoal conference 2013 & 2014 New Delhi (best poster award)

Projects or Ph.D.’s guided: 2 phd candidates under supervision

  • Seismic and well log integration to identify and delineate shale gas reservoir facies of Tarapur Block, Cambay Basin| 2013-14/GERMI|
  • Hydrocarbon Prospect identification of South Sumatra Block, Indonesia.
  • Integration of seismic, well logs and seismic data to delineate and evaluate unconventional and conventional reservoir facies of Cambay PSC area, Cambay Basin.2013-14/GERMI
  • Integrated approach using surface geochemical adsorbed soil gas and trace metal anomalies with 3D seismic data for evaluation of hydrocarbon prospects in parts of Ankleshwar Block, Cambay Basin, Gujarat.2014-15/GERMI
  • Reservoir characterisation of Cretaceous pays of KG off Shore block KG-OSN-2001/3 using 3D seismic data and well log data”.2012-13/GERMI
  • Integrated surface geochemical and microbial Prospecting for hydrocarbon prospect identification in Northern Bank of the Brahmaputra, Assam Arakan Basin. 2017-19/UPES

Professional Memberships/Fellowship: SPE. AAPG, EAGE

Personal interests: Music.

School: Engineering

Department: Petroleum Engineering & Earth Sciences