Dr. Sunil Kumar Khare

Professor and Head

PhD, IIT – ISM, Dhanbad, India (2000)

M Sc. in Applied Geology University of Allahabad (1992).

B.Sc. University of Allahabad, India (1990).

Career Graph:

  • Professor, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun (2018-Present).
  • Senior Manager (VP), Upstream Oil and Gas, Accenture India (2017).
  • Managing Consultant Oil and Gas, Wipro Technologies Bangalore (2013-2016).
  • Field Engineer & Well site Geologist, Geoservices, A Schlumberger Company (2001- 2013).

Honours and Achievements:

  • Member, Enhanced Oil Recovery Committee, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Govt. of India.
  • Member, Exploration and Production Digital Task Force, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Govt. of India.
  • Member Board of Studies, Bikaner Technical University.


  • Contribution: Igneous Petrology and Geochemistry, Drilling Technology
  • Interest: Geochemistry, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Digital for Oil and Gas, Drilling Technology, Offshore Oil and Gas Operations.

Publications and Patents:

  • Khare, S.K. and Asthana (2020): Petrogenesis of Neoarchean Mangikhuta Volcanic complex, Central India. Insights from relict clinopyroxene chemistry. Journal of Geol. Soc. India. Vol. 96, 5, 363-373.
  • Painuly, P., Tyagi, R.*, Vishwakarma, S., Khare, S., Haghighi, M (2020). Rethinking Energy Supply over Nexus approach for Sustainable Development Goal. In Encyclopaedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Affordable and Clean Energy.
  • Khare S. K., (2020): Petrogenetic and Geodynamic insights from Relict Clinopyroxenes of Paleoproterozoic Mangikhuta Metabasalt, Central India. 36th International Geological Congress, New Delhi. Timescales and Tracers: Unpicking orogeny through Time.
  • Khare, S.K. (2019): Method and a system for determining slip status of a drill string. US10066473B2. Patent granted in USA, China.
  • Khare S.K, (2019): Computer vision enabled drilling automation. National Conference on Upstream Petroleum Engineering, IIT Guwahati.
  • Kumar H., Khare, S.K., Yadav, U. S, Kumar S. (2019). Apparatus for determining time dependent deformation as well as fracture propagation of different rock specimens, at variable temperature and environmental conditions. Patent published.
  • Kumar H., Yadav, U.S., Khare, S. K., Tripathi, A., Shanker, A., Khandelwal, G. (2019): Cutting device for cutting tubular work pieces. India patent published.
  • Khare S.K., Coffman C.G., Luppens, J.C. (2017): (CA 2907557 A1 (Canada), US 20150371344 A1 (USA), CN 105074128 A (China), EP 2978936 A1 (Europe), WO 2014160561 A1) Automated Rig Activity Report Generation. Automatisierte tätigkeitsberichterstellung bei bohranlangen génération automatisée de rapport d’activité d’appareil de forage. EU and China Patent Granted.
  • Asthana D., Dash M.R., Khare S.K., Pophare A.M., (2001): Paleoproterozoic Hi-Mg Andesite and related igneous rocks from Central India and their geodynamic implications. Gondwana Research 4 (4), 565-566.
  • Asthana D., Khare S. K., Dash M. R. (1999): Geological Evolution of The Sitagota Syncline, Central India: A Paleoproterozoic Fore-Arc Basin: National Symposium on Developments in Geology, Mineral Deposits and Seismotectonics of Central India, Bhopal.
  • Asthana D., Khare S.K., Pophare A.M., Dash M.R. (1997): Comments on Geochemistry of the Dongargarh volcanic rocks, Central India: implications on Precambrian mantle: Precambrian Research 84, 105-107.
  • Asthana D., Dash M.R., Pophare A.M., Khare S.K. (1997): Reply to comments of H.K. Pandey on Interstratified low-Ti and high-Ti volcanic in arc-related Khairagarh Group of Central India. Current Science Vol. 72, No 3, 165-166.
  • Asthana D., Dash M.R., Pophare A.M., Khare S.K. (1996): Interstratified low Ti and high Ti volcanic in arc-related Khairagarh Group of Central India. Current Science, vol. 71, 304-306.

Ph.D.’s guided: 2 under supervision

Professional Memberships/Fellowship:

  • Member Society of Petroleum Engineers SPE
  • Faculty Advisor, North India Section SPE

Personal interests: Reading books, watching movies, listening music.

School: Engineering

Department: Petroleum Engineering and Earth Sciences