Dr. Sunil Kr. Khare

Dr. Sunil Kr. Khare


B.Sc. (Physics), University of Allahabad.

M.Sc. (Applied Geology),University of Allahabad 

Ph.D. (Geochemistry),IIT(ISM) Dhanbad 

Area of Specialization

Onshore and offshore Drilling Operations, Drilling Analytics, Petroleum Geology, Big Data and Analytics for Upstream, RTOC services, software solution development and support, Igneous Petrology and Geochemistry. 

Research & Publications:

International and National Journals-

Asthana D., Khare S.K., Pophare A.M., Dash M.R. (1997): Comments on Geochemistry of the Dongargarh volcanic rocks, Central India: implications on Precambrian mantle: Precambrian Research 84, 105-107.

Asthana D., Dash M.R., Pophare A.M., Khare S.K. (1996): Interstratified low Ti and high Ti volcanic in arc-related Khairagarh Group of Central India. Current Science, vol. 71, 304-306.

Asthana D., Dash M.R., Pophare A.M., Khare S.K. (1997): Reply to comments of H.K. Pandey on Interstratified low-Ti and high-Ti volcanic in arc-related Khairagarh Group of Central India. Current Science Vol. 72, No 3, 165-166.

Asthana D., Dash M.R., Khare S.K., Pophare A.M., (2001): Paleoproterozoic Hi-Mg Andesite and related igneous rocks from Central India and their geodynamic implications. Gondwana Research 4 (4), 565-566.


Drilling Technology 

Sunil Kumar Khare, Chunling Gu Coffman, John Christian Luppens: (CA 2907557 A1 (Canada), US 20150371344 A1 (USA), CN 105074128 A (China), EP 2978936 A1 (Europe), WO 2014160561 A1) Automated Rig Activity Report Generation. A method for automatically generating a drilling rig activity report while operating the rig includes receiving sensor measurements from a plurality of surface sensors deployed on the drilling rig.

Sunil Kumar Khare (2016): EP3263831A1 EP Application System and Method for Drill String Slip Status Change Detection for Efficient Drilling Operation in Oil & Gas Rigs. Patent filed for Wipro Technologies

Computer Vision for Drilling

Sunil Kumar Khare (2018): A computer vision and AI enabled system and method for drilling efficiency optimization. Work in progress.

Book Published  

Developed software “Rig soft” for basic and advanced drill operation computations.