R. P. Soni

R. P. Soni

Adjunct Faculty (equ - Professor)

B.E. (Chemical Engineering), University of Roorkee

Area of Specialization

Offshore production operations, On shore production operations, Work over and stimulation operations, sick well analysis and remedial measures etc., Evaluation of process design for production installations both offshore and onshore, Offshore and onshore construction, Artificial lift optimization, Production equipment maintenance, Production planning - preparing future projections etc., Data analysis

Research & Publication

Installation, commissioning and integration of HRC platform with HPC. Top side modifications at HRG,HRA etc.

Bringing on stream South Heera oil field- involving installation of HSA and HSB platform along with pipelines and topside modifications at HPC adding about 35000BOPD.

Bringing on stream gas from HX and HY platforms with pipelines and topside modifications at HPC adding more than a million cubic meters of gas.

Installation and commissioning of SBHT-42 inch second Bassien Hazira Gas pipeline along with installation of additional deck at existing platform and top side modifications .

Capacity enhancement of platform BPB from 10 MMSCMD to 12.5 MMSCMD and then to 15 MMSCMD- Additional equipment, pipelines, well head platform BE etc.