Devyani Tewari

Devyani Tewari

Assistant Professor


LLB, NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad  

LLM (Human Rights Law), London School of Economics and Political Science 

Chevening Scholar   


Area of Specialization

Comparative Constitutional Law, Constitutional Law, International Human Rights Law, Labour Law, Disability and Gender Rights, Human Rights at Workplace

Research & Publications:-

Academic Publications

Sex Offenders Registration and Notification: Wrong Step in the Right Direction: Published in International Review of Human Rights Law, Second Issue, ISSN 2455-8648. Available at:

Book Review

Talking of Justice: People’s Rights in Modern India by Leila Seth: Published in International Journal of Law and Policy Review, Vol.4 No. 2, ISSN 2278 –3156. Available at:

Finding Swadhinta, Swaraj and Dharmarajya: Published in The Indian Journal of Law & Public Policy, Summer 2015, Volume I Issue II, ISSN 2394-2657.

Untold Stories: A Case Study on Victimhood Experiences in Hyderabad: Published in International Journal of Legal Research & Governance, Vol.-I Issue-II, ISSN 2394-7829.

Gender Norms: Defying the Defined: Published in Interdisciplinary Journal of Literature and Language, Vol.1 No.3 ISSN 2278-9170 Jan-June issue.


Newspaper Publications

I am a contributing columnist for the Huffington Post (Indian edition), writing mainly on gender and disability rights. Some of my interdisciplinary articles:

Where Marriage is Synonymous with Inequality: Available at:

Do We Build Our Ships To Wreck?: Available at:

Ira Singhal And The Disabilities Of The Government, Society: Available at:

Epilepsy and What Afflicts The Law, Society: Available at:

Being ‘Normal’: Available at:

When Right Becomes A Privilege: Available at: .

Magazine Publications:

Blank Space: Available at: .

My Unanswered Questions: Published in HR Hues, June 2013. This article argues for women’s reproductive rights.

Right to Health: Does it Exist for the Poor: Published in Combat Law, January-February 2010 issue, available at:


Presented a research paper titled ‘Transsexuality and Capability Deprivation Approach of Poverty’ at JGLS National Student Research Colloquium, Jindal Global Law School, Sonipat, Haryana held from 3rd to 5th April, 2013.