Dr. Vijay Kumar Singh

Dean, School of Law


B.Sc. (CBZ), Nagpur University

LLB (Gold Medalist), Dr. Ambedkar College, Deekshabhoomi, Nagpur

LLM (Business Laws) (Gold Medalist), PG Department of Law, Nagpur University


Ph.D (Law), RTM Nagpur University  


Certified trainer on ‘Managing Disputes and Difficult Conversations on the Board’ by Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) and the IFC Corporate Governance Group and a trained mediator from ICADR, New Delhi

Certified trainer on Direct Training Skills and Design of Training from ISTM, Thames Valley UK Curriculum

Industry Association – Worked with Competition Commission of India (CCI) and Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India

National Cadet Corps ‘C’ certificate in ‘A’ Grade


Area of Specialization

Competition Law and Policy, Corporate Law (Companies Act, SEBI and its regulations), Insolvency and Bankruptcy Laws, International Trade and Economic Law, Comparative Laws and Dispute Resolution


 Research & Publications:-

“Failed WTO Platform for Competition Law Convergence: Evolving Alternate Regime of MOUs on Internationalization of Competition Law" Indian Journal of International Law Vol. 54 2014

“Competition Policy and Financial Regulations – Case of a Unified Competition Regulator” European Competition Law Review – 2013 ECLR Volume 34 Issue 7 at p.376 

“Corporate Social Responsibility in India: A Human Rights Perspective" Vol. 276 (2013) 5 MLJ Part 1 dated 4.7.2013

“Competition Law and Policy in India: The Journey in a Decade” NUJS Law Review Vol. 4 No. 4 (2011) 

‘Issues in Emerging Area of Sports Law: Lex Sportiva’ Indian Law Review, Vol 1 No. 1, pp. 114-147, Inaugural Issue 2009 - National Law Institute University, Bhopal 

“Need for Common Regulations for Intermediaries – A Critical Analysis of SEBI (Intermediaries) Regulations 2008” 2009 SCL vol 90 at 78 Taxmann’s SEBI and Corporate Laws 

“Role played by Police Authorities in Prosecution of Offences under the Information Technology Act – a Need for Reform” Indian Bar Review (Volume XXXV) – Bar Council of India Trust 

Corporate Social Responsibility within the Dynamics of Aviation Industry – with special reference to India: Indian Journal of Air and Space Law (IJASL) Vol. 1, Jan-June 2015 pp. 57 

For more publications please visit SSRN Author page: https://ssrn.com/author=1113018 


International Conferences

Researched on Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes and addressed on the topic ‘Practical Issues in Investigation of Economic Offences and Prosecution against Fraudulent Schemes’ to the EOW wings of Gujarat Police, Maharashtra Police, Odisha Police, Mizoram Police, Kolkata Police, Delhi Police and NEPA-Shillong.

Invited speaker on “Competition Law” at the INTERNATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAM in Legislative Drafting for foreign Parliamentary/Government Officials at BPST, Lok Sabha Secretariat.

Invited speaker at the Delhi Judicial Academy for Corporate and allied laws.

Delivered several sessions to the officers of Indian Corporate Law Service, Legal Metrology Officers, SFIO officials, IRS officers, and other senior officials from Government and Private Enterprises.

Panelist at the International Conference on Recent Financial Reforms in Indian Banking and Business Laws : An Unfinished Agenda organized by National Law University, Delhi in collaboration with School of Business & Taxation Laws, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia (UNSW)

Moderator for the session on ‘Consumer empowerment-expanding consumer grievance redressal system’ during the International Workshop on Consumer Protection organized by IIM Kashipur and Department of Consumer Affairs

Speaker at the panel on ‘Royalty Base and Other Issues in FRAND Licensing’ at the Jindal – Hoover Ip2 (Stanford University) International Workshop on ‘Standard Essential Patents and Existing Debates in India: Busting patent myths through Evidence’ organized by JIRICO



Corporate Power to Corporate Crimes: Understanding Corporate Criminal Liability in India – ISBN9789382823018 Satyam Books 

Singh, V. K. 2019. Reforming SOEs in Asia: Lessons from Competition Law and Policy in India. ADBI Working Paper 1056. Tokyo: Asian Development Bank Institute. Available: https://www.adb.org/publications/reforming-soes-asia-lessons-competition-law-policy-india

“Criminal Liability of Corporations – An Environmental Perspective” Environmental Crimes: Corporate Liability edited by Dr. Radha Kalyani, Amicus Books-ICFAI (ISBN: 978-81-314-2521-3) 

“Law of Search and Seizure in India” Law of Search and Seizure edited by Dr. Radha Kalyani, Amicus Books-ICFAI (ISBN: 978-93-80120-06-5) 

“Human Rights Jurisprudence: A Tribute to the one and only Legendary Justice Krishna Iyer”, The Law of Human Rights edited by Pathan & Srivastava, Satyam Law International, Satyam Law International

“Inspection, Inquiry and Investigation under the Companies Act, 2013”, in The Companies Act 2013: Key Conceptual Transformation, Universal Law Publishing, first edition 2017 ISBN 978-81-3125-221-5 


Professional Membership: 

Life Member Indian Law Institute (ILI), New Delhi

Life Member of Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), New Delhi 

Life Member of Indian Society of International Law (ISIL), New Delhi 

Life Member of the International Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ICADR), New Delhi 

Member, Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa (presently surrendered) 

Member, Global Alliance for Justice Education (GAJE)


International Exposure

Dr. Singh has widely travelled in India and abroad including USA, UK, Belgium, Austria, France, Italy, China, Japan and Central Asia

Advanced Training Programme in Cartels Proceedings for Officials of Competition Commission of India, 31 May 2010 to 4 June 2010, organized by European Commission – Competition DG, at Rue Joseph II, no 70 – B1040 Brussels, Belgium – EU 

Nominated for and participated in a Two-Day Workshop on Unilateral Conduct (loyalty discounts and margin squeeze) organized by ICN at Brussels, Belgium – EU on December 2-3, 2010 

Nominated and presented on the Latest Developments of Competition Law in India at the China Competition Policy Forum – Competition Policy Transition hosted by Expert Advisory Board of the State Council Anti-Monopoly Commission, at Beijing, PRC China – 31st July to August 1, 2013. 

Was key member of the organizing team for the “Third BRICS International Competition Conference” hosted by Competition Commission of India from 20-22 November, 2013 at New Delhi. 

Nominated and participated at the training on matters related to antitrust enforcement organized by Scuola Nazionale dell’Amministrazione (SNA), Rome Italy at Italian Competition Authority during February 6-10, 2017.

The University of Chicago Law School: Coase Sandor Institute for Law and Economics - 2019 Summer Institute in Law and Economics: Regulation of Consumer Markets from 8th to 19th July, 2019

The University of Law Best Practices Program on Learning and Teaching during 2nd to 13th September at London and Birmingham, United Kingdom

Exposure in Policy Making and Research: 

Member of the Regulations Review Committee at the Competition Commission of India and actively contributed to the amendments in the General Regulations and Combination Regulations 

Participated in the BIT negotiations on the Competition Chapter at Ministry of Commerce at CCI. 

Member of the Working Group formulating the regulations for the Insolvency Professionals and Insolvency Professional Agencies under IBC 2016 

Principal Investigator of White Paper on Direct Selling legislation in India which was referred to in the formulation of Guidelines in this sector by the Department of Consumer Affairs on the recommendations of the 21st Standing Committee on Finance

Member of the SIPI Task Force and Academics Committee of INSOL India – contributed to the development of Best Practices Guidelines for Insolvency Professionals

Invited Member on the Editorial Board of annual Journal on Competition Law and Policy of Competition Commission of India (CCI)