Faculty - School of Law

Latika Choudhary

Latika Choudhary

Assistant Professor

Academic Qualifications

BA. (Political Science Hons.)LL.B(Hons.)- NLU,Odisha, 2011-2016

LL.M. (IPR)- NLU,Jodhpur- 2017

Ph.D (pursuing)- NLU,Jodhpur

Career Graph:

Assistant Professor, IMS Law College, Noida (Sept 2018-March 2019)

Honours and Achievements:

Distinction of winning first prize in paper presentation, titled ‘Morality of Patents: Analysing the Moral Issues Surrounding Gene Patents’, at 2nd Indian Law Enclave,August 10-11, 2019, organized by Adhrit Foundation.

Research interests:

Patent and biotechnology laws, IPR

Recent Publications:

  • Paper titled ‘Stem Cell Patenting: Moral and Legal Dilemma’, Journal of Intellectual Property Rights Vol 27, January 2022, pp 42-51 ISSN 0975-1076. 
  • Paper titled ‘The Quest for Pedigree: The Ugly Truth About Selective Breeding of Dogs and the Required Intervention’, Bharti Law Review, Volume VIII, Issue 4 (April – June, 2020) ISSN 2278-6996; e-ISSN 2457-0567
  • Chapter ‘The Confluence of Intellectual Property Rights & Environment Protection of Bio Diversity by IPR in Light of Objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity’ published in Environmental Sustainability and Development authored by Prof. (Dr.) R.N. Sharma, published by School of Law IMS Unison, University, Dehradun, ISBN : 978-93-843855-38.