Faculty - School of Law

Ms. Nanda Pardhey

Ms. Nanda Pardhey

Assistant Professor (SG)


Academic Background:

  • B.A. (English Literature), University of Pune, 2003
  • LL.B. University of Pune, 2007
  • Diploma Course in Intellectual Property Rights (DCIPR), University of Pune, 2007
  • LL.M. University of Pune, 2012
  • UGC-NET June 2012
  • Pursuing PhD, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune 2016 onwards


Career Graph:

  1. Academic Experience: 9 plus years of Academic Experience working with NMIMS School of Law- Mumbai, Amity School of Law- Mumbai, Institute of Law-Nirma University, Sandip University-Nashik and AURO University-Surat.
  2. Industry experience: Had practice in Nashik District court for 3 and half years post-LL.B. in litigation


Research interests: Medical Law, Biotechnology Law, Women and children Law, Jurisprudence, Contemporary Topics in Law, etc.

Recent Publications:

Book Chapters

  1. Family Law Prospects & Challenges with the title “Daughter’s” Satyam Law International, ISBN: 978-91345-68-6, January 2022
  2. Expanding Horizon of Article 21 of Indian Constitution: A critique with title “Right of Medical Care and health”, The Delhi Law House, ISBN: 978-93-88918-39-8, November 2021
  3. Social Governance, Equity and Justice with title ‘Sustainable Development Stress’s towards Sustainability: Custodian Approach”, Wizard Publisher India, ISBN: 978-93-91013-07-3, August 2021
  4. Strategies and Dimensions for Women Empowerment with title “Condition of Women in Pre- and Post-Independence of India”, ISBN (print): 978-1-925823-45-5, Central West Publishing, Australia, 2019


  1. Agricultural Biotechnology Innovation With Reference To Genetically Modified Seeds, Crops And IPR Conflicts, UGC-Care list Journal of Education: Rabindra Bharati University, ISSN: 0972-7175 Vol.: XXIII, No. :12(I), 2021, December 2021
  2. Financial Systemic Frauds In Banking Sector And Money Laundering Cataclysm: Indian Realism Wits- UGC-Care list Journal of NIU International Journal of Human Rights, ISSN: 2394 – 0298 Volume 8(VI), 2021, June 2021
  3. Critical Analysis of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code Progression and Improvement in Light of Shifting Epochs, International Journal Of Legal Research And Governance Double-Blind Peer Review Quarterly Journal, Law Mantra ISSN: 2394 7829, Vol. 5 Issue 2, March 2021
  4. Right to Life, Healthy Environment and Safety Concerns of Genetically Modified Food and Crops in India, VBU JOURNAL OF LAW AND GOVERNANCE (A Peer Reviewed Journal), ISSN: 2349-8188, 2017–2019 (Special Issue), Vol. 4, No. II, September 2020


Professional Memberships/Fellowships/Awards:

  1. Editor in Journal Of Contract And Tort Law, ISSN- 2583-231X
  2. Editorial Board Member of The Critegal Journal