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Partha Pratim Mitra

Partha Pratim Mitra


Academic Qualifications

Ph.D - The University of Burdwan, West Bengal – 2011

LL.M. - The University of Burdwan, West Bengal - 2005

LL.B. - The University of Burdwan, West Bengal - 2003

B.Com (H) - The University of Burdwan, West Bengal - 1998

Career Graph:

  • Professor, School of Law, Galgotias University, Greater Noida: September 2020 - May 2022
  • Senior Consultant (Grade I), Department of Justice, Ministry of Law & Justice, Government of India, New Delhi: December 2019 - June 2020
  • Associate Professor, Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies (GGSIP University, Delhi): August 2018 - November 2019
  • Assistant Professor, National University of Study & Research in Law, Ranchi: December 2011 - January 2018
  • Assistant Professor, Bimal Chandra College of Law (The University of Kalyani, West Bengal): September 2011 - December 2011
  • Lecturer, Law College Durgapur (The University of Burdwan, West Bengal): March 2009 - September 2011
  • Lecturer, Midnapore Law College (The Vidyasagar University, West Bengal): November 2005 - March 2009

Research interests

  • Ecological and Ethical issues of Law
  • Trends in Socio-Legal Research
  • Law & Business

Recent Publications:

Books Written:

  • Laws Of Adultery In India: In The Light Of Constitutional Morality And Transformative Constitutionalism, Thomson Reuters, 2021 [978-93-92630-84-2] PB
  • Socio-Legal Research: Theory And Methodology, Thomson Reuters, 2021 [978-81-947723-2-3] PB
  • Birds, Wetlands And The Law: Indian And International Perspectives, Thomson Reuters, 2019 [978-93-89046-51-9] PB
  • An Introduction To Animal Laws In India, Thomson Reuters, 2019 [978-93-89046-31-1] PB
  • Wild Animal Protection Laws In India, Lexisnexis, 2016 [978-93-5143-973-8] PB

Books Edited:

  • (Co-Edited) Child Rights In India: Contemporary Issues And Challenges, Satyam Law International, New Delhi 110002 [9789391345037] HB
  • (Co-Edited) Women Rights In India: Contemporary Issues And Challenges, Satyam Law International, New Delhi 110002 [978-93-87839-32-8] HB
  • The Companies Act, 2013: New Challenges In Contemporary Indian Economy, Regal Publications, New Delhi 110027 [ISBN 978-81-8484-562-4] HB [ISBN 978-81-8484-563-1] PB
  • Muslim Laws in India: Contemporary Issues & Challenges, Ys Books International, New Delhi 1100015 [ISBN 978-93-837932-9-7] HB

Chapter in Books:

  • Chapter on ‘The Wave of Libertarian Justice and the Stagnation of Egalitarian Law: An Indian Feminist Experience’ in the Book titled “SOCIO-LEGAL ANDROCENTRISM AND GENDER INEQUALITIES” by EBC Publishing (P) Ltd, Lucknow – 226001 [ISBN 9789389656346]
  • (Co-Authored) Chapter on ‘Upendra Baxi and Legal Education: An "Upen' Reflection of Illustrious Career’ in the Book titled “CLINICAL AND CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION: A ROADMAP FOR INDIA” by Thomson Reuters, Legal [ISBN 978-93-90673-00-1]
  • Chapter on ‘Animal Laws in Contemporary legal System: Need for inclusion in Legal Education’ in the Book titled “CLINICAL AND CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION: A ROADMAP FOR INDIA” by Thomson Reuters, Legal [ISBN 978-93-90673-00-1]
  • Chapter on ‘Tribal Rights and Wild Animal Protection: Coexistence in Nature and Balance in Law’ in the Book titled “TRIBAL JUSTICE: AFTER SEVENTY YEARS OF WORKING OF INDIAN CONSTITUTION” by EBC Publishing (P) Ltd, Lucknow – 226001 [ISBN 9789390715619]
  • Chapter on ‘Sustainable Approach on Habitats for Wild Animals: Indian and International Perspective’ in the Book titled “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND ENVIRONMENTAL GOVERNANCE” by Adhyayan Publishers & Distributors, New Delhi – 110002 [ISBN 987-81-8435-470-0]
  • Chapter on ‘Legislative Struggle of India to combat corruption: Miles to Go before we Sleep’ in the Book titled “COMBATING CORRUPTION, BLACK MONEY AND MONEY LAUNDERING: ISSUES & CHALLENGES AHEAD” by Satyam Law International, [ISBN 9789382823896]
  • Chapter on ‘Development, Displacement and Right to Shelter in India’ in the Book titled “HUMAN RIGHTS IN TWENTY FIRST CENTURY – AN ANTHOLOGY” by R. Cambray & Co. Private Ltd, Kolkata – 700013 [ISBN 978-81-89659-20-2]
  • Chapter on ‘Hunting, Biodiversity and Right to Livelihood in India’ in the Book titled “ENVIRONMENT LAW AND CLIMATE CHANGE” by SBS Publishers & Distributors,  Delhi 110002 [ISBN 987-93-8009-160-0]

Articles in Journal:

  • “Environmental Impact Assessment In India: Origin And Towards Sustainable Future” in INDIAN BAR REVIEW, July - Dec, 2021 [Vol. 48 (3 & 4) 2021]
  • (Co-Authored) "Role of the Supreme Court in Developing ‘Animal Rights’ Jurisprudence in India: A Study" in JOURNAL OF THE INDIAN LAW INSTITUTE, July-September 2020 [Vol. 62: 3]
  • “Fugitive Economic Offender and Unregulated Deposit: Legislative Struggle for White Collar Crimes” in INDIAN BAR REVIEW, Jan - Mar, 2020 [Vol. 47 (1) 2020]
  • "Right to Privacy on Abortion and National Problem of Female Foeticide", INDIAN JOURNAL OF LAW AND JUSTICE, March Vol. 10 No. 1, Page 25
  • “Introduction of Animal Law in Continuing Legal Education” in INDIAN BAR REVIEW, Oct - Dec, 2019 [Vol. 46 (4) 2019]
  • “Adultery in the Supreme Court with the Efflux of Time and Transformative Constitutionalism” in INDIAN BAR REVIEW, July - Sept, 2019 [Vol. 46 (3) 2019]
  • “Doctrine of Parens Patriae and Developing Trend of Animal Jurisprudence” in ALL INDIA REPORTER, 2018 (December) ON LINE,
  • “Cattle Market, Cow Slaughter and Cruelty to Animals: The Matrix of Indian Federalism” in INDIAN BAR REVIEW, Oct - Dec, 2018 [Vol. 45 (4) 2018]
  • “Female Foeticide and Sex Detection Prohibition Laws: Indian Experience” in INDIAN BAR REVIEW, Jan - March, 2018 [Vol. 45 (1) 2018]  
  • “Female Foeticide and Sex Selection Prohibition Laws in India” in CRIMINAL LAW JOURNAL, January 2018 [Cr.L.J. 2018 Journal 1]
  • “Development of Wild Animal Protection Laws: National and International Perspective” in CHOTANAGPUR LAW JOURNAL, Vol: 10, No: 10, 2015 - 17
  • “Right to Health within Family Law in reference to Leprosy: A Review” in ALL INDIA REPORTER, September, 2016  [AIR 2016 Jour 135]
  • “Bacteria in Family laws under the Microscope of Health law: A New relook by Developing Society” in INDIAN BAR REVIEW, April – June, 2016 [Vol. XLIII (2) 2016]                                                              
  • “Gold Investment In India: A Passage From Collective Investment To Public Deposit” in CORPORATE PROFESSIONALS TODAY, Vol 36, Issue 3, June 1 – 15, 2016
  • “Matrimonial Cruelty in Criminal Law: A New View” in INDIAN JOURNAL OF CRIMINOLOGY & CRIMINALISTICS, Volume: XXXIV No. 1, Jan-Jun, 2015
  • “Vishwa Lochan Madan Vs. Union of India, AIR 2014 SC 2957: A Judgment on Fatwa” in ALL INDIA REPORTER, November, 2015  [AIR 2015 Jour 226]                                                                   
  • “Judicial Balance between Wildlife Conservation and Indigenous People in Developing Indian Society” in ENVIRONMENTAL AND FOREST LAW TIMES, June 2015 & July 2015 [2015(5)FLT Journal 58]   [ISBN 975-81-89639-39-6]                                                                                               
  • “Rule of Law at Workplace and Natural Justice against Sexual Harassment: In reference with Justice Ganguly Episode” in MADRAS LAW JOURNAL, 15-05-2014    [(2014) 3 MLJ]
  • (Co Authored) ‘Laws for Conservation of Wildlife under the Indian Federal Structure’ in THE ENVIRONMENT, LAW & SOCEITY JOURNAL, Volume 1, 2013 [ISBN 978-93-5143-157-2]
  • ‘Habitual Offences and Conventional Law: Chit Funds under Indian Federalism’ in SEBI AND CORPORATE LAWS, November 2013 [2013] 122 SCL 33 (Mag.) 33                                 
  • (Co Authored) Article on ‘Corporate Finance vis-à-vis Securities Laws with specific reference to the SEBI-Sahara tussle’ in CORPORATE LAW ADVISOR, July 2013  [2013] 115 CLA (Mag.) 3                           
  • (Co Authored) ‘A New Look of Criminal Law and relook on Matrimonial Law’ in MADRAS LAW JOURNAL (CRIMINAL), 25-07-2013[(2013) 3 MLJ (Cri)]                                                   
  • ‘A New Look on Matrimonial Cruelty within Criminal Law’ in INDIAN BAR REVIEW, October – December, 2012 [Vol. XXXIX (4) 2012]
  • ‘Development of Laws and Policies for Conservation of Wildlife in India’ in INDIAN BAR REVIEW, July – September, 2011 [Vol. XXXVIII (3) 2011]                                                             
  • ‘Child Sex Ratio, 2011: the Myth of Laws and the Reality of Policies’ in CRIMINAL LAW JOURNAL, August 2011[Cr.L.J. 2011 Journal 250]                                                  
  • ‘Development of International Laws for Conservation of Wildlife’ in CALCUTTA LAW TIMES, (ISSN 0971-748X) April 2011 [JOUR (2011)2 CAL LT 7]
  • ‘Concept of Wild Animals under the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972’ in CALCUTTA HIGH COURT NOTES, April 2011 [(Jour) 2011(2) CHN 15]
  • ‘Ecotourism with Conservation of Wildlife in India’ in THE WEST BENGAL LAW REPORTER, April 2011
  • ‘Stoning for Crime of Adultery with Indian Reference’ in CRIMINAL LAW JOURNAL, January 2011 [Cr.L.J. 2011 Journal 1]

 Online Journal:

Professional Memberships/Fellowships/Awards:

  • Life Member: Indian Law Institute, New Delhi