Faculty - School of Law

Shilpika Pandey

Shilpika Pandey

Assistant Professor 


B.A.LL.B, Amity Law School, Amity University  Lucknow                                                                                            

LLM (Intellectual Property Right), Gujarat National Law University

Ph. D., Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Dwarka, New Delhi 

Area of Specialization

Intellectual Property Rights

Research & Publications:-

International Journals-

Paper titled “Protection Of  Celebrity Rights A Comparative Analysis Of Relevant IPR Laws In US, UK and India” in co authorship published in The Journal of Intellectual Property peer reviewed Korean Journal for June edition.

Paper titled “ Educating Citizens On Protection Of Celebrity Rights: The Emerging Trends In India” in The 13th Multidisciplinary Academic Conference in Prague 2018 (The 13th MAC in Prague 2018), held in Prague, Czech Republic, on October 12-13, 2018 with publication in the “Proceedings of The 13th MAC 2018,” ISBN 978-80-88085-21-8..

Paper Titled “Protection of Celebrity Rights and Role of Media: A Study over Conflicts in Digital Era” published in UGC recognised IJCRT, Volume 6 Issue 1 February 2018 (International open access journal, impact factor 5.97

Paper Titled “Celebrity Rights Protection under Intellectual Property Rights Regime: A Critical Analysis” published in UGC recognised International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts Volume 1 issue 1 January 2018. ISSN:2320-2882

International Publication titled Genetically Modified Organisms, GM Product and WTO Jurisprudence” in International Journal of Law and Legal Jurisprudence Studies:ISSN:2348-8212 Volume 3 Issue 2

International Publication titled “Non Use Of Trademarks in India and U.S.- A Comparative Study” in International Journal for Research in law ISSN- 2454-8715 Volume 1 issue 2 

National Publication 

National publication titled “Comparative Study Of Protection Of Well Known Mark In India, U.S. & China” in Law Mantra Online Journal ISSN: 2321-6417 Volume 3.(Issue-11) 

International Conferences-

Participated and presented paper on topic “Facets of Celebrity Rights Protection in Digital Era: A Critical Analysis” in the International Conference on Green, Growth, Globalization, Governance, and GST: Challenges and Opportunities held on 2-4, February 2018.

Presented Paper “Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Corporate Governance: Impact & Significance” at ICGS2014,GTU-CGS 2nd International Conference on “Corporate Governance: Contemporary Issues & Challenges in Indian Economic Environment” on March 14-15,2014.

National Conference

Presented a paper on the topic “Celebrity Rights and Article 19(1) (a) Constitution of India: A Critical Analysis of Role of Media” in the Law Commission of India and CLEA Regional Conference -2016 on Freedom of Speech and Expression held at Greater Noida on 5 & 6 November , 2016

Presented paper on the topic “Massive Problem of Call Drops in India : A National Concern” at National Seminar on Consumer Protection: New Age Challenges dated February 19-20 , 2016

Presented Paper  on “Prenatal Sex Determination: Status of Women Questioned”at National Conference on “The Protection and Enforcement of Rights of Women and Children” held by ITM University ,Gurgaon on 24th April,2015

Presented Paper on “Digital Libraries & Copyright Protection in India and U.S.: Extent & Significance” at Technical Conference on Digital Library using DSpace held by GNLU, Gandhinagar on 21st March, 2014

 Chapter in Book Published

A Chapter Titled “Indian Constitution, Magna Carta and Human Rights” published in the book titled “Magna Carta and Human Rights- The Legacy of 800+ Years” ISBN: 9788192986890

Publication of Article on “Digital Libraries & Copyright Protection in India and U.S.:Extent & Significance” in book Technical Conference on Digital Library using DSpace(conference proceeding) ISBN 978/81/921703/5/0 held by GNLU, Gandhinagar on 21st March, 2014